Amber Sceats Jewelry

Amber Sceats self named fashion forward jewelry company was founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia. Following in her families creative footsteps Amber has quickly found much success with her accessory line. Her collection of jewelry is eclectic in style and design and is influenced by art, architecture, and her travels. Her collections seamlessly combine timeless elements with modern and one of a kind looks and style in an exciting way. The Amber Sceats designs are unique and versatile. She continues to be able to fuse edginess with sophistication and a refined view point and touches of the abstract. 

Amber Sceats has quickly gained a high profile in the media and has been described as one of Australia's most dynamic designers. With her cult like following she has been featured in many high fashion magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle.

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