Shashi Jewelry Designer

Shashi fashion jewelry is designed to to look and feel globally inspired. A true celebration eclecticism, individuality, and a celebration of the world. This modern collection of jewelry is designed to celebrate exotic cultures, destinations and and beauty from all corners of the globe. Shashi fashion jewelry beautifully combines California laid back looks, with rock and roll designs and American Southwest culture to create one of a kind luxe looks. Designer and founder Danna Kobo creates Shashi's pieces to be playful, colorful and chic. This jewelry is easy to layer and looks good with many different styles and taste. Shashi is designed and handcrafted in New York and is loved by celebrities such as Rhinna and Jessica Alba and has been featured in Vogue, People, and Sports Illustrated just to name a few. Each piece of Shashi jewelry has eye catching personality and is a treasured accent that will be loved for years to come.

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