Miansai, a handmade accessory brand, where each piece is made in the US. Based out of Miami, Miansai got it's start in 2008 with a single bracelet. Since opening Miansai has grown tremendous turning the founder and creative director, Michael Saigers vision into a timeless yet stylish brand.  Miansai bracelets and other pieces are highly sought after all over the world by both fashion forward woman and men.

Having got his start while still in college at the University of Miami, by his senior year in school he developed his nautical aesthetic which the brand has become known for. He originally designed for himself, after his girlfriend of the time dared him to make a better piece of jewelry than she was creating. The result was an empty bullet case strung on a leather cord. Every time he wore it he was asked where he bought it from and how his friends could get one. He knew he was on to something.  Having never worn men's jewelry before, he saw there was a market. Michael has grown Miansai bracelets and other Miansai pieces into a lifestyle brand for both men and woman. His collection includes a full line of jewelry amongst other things including leather goods and other cool accessories. Each Miansai piece is handmade in the US at Miansai's factory allowing each piece produced to be made with care and craftsmanship. All Miansai jewelry is crafted with the highest quality products which include .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold and Rose Gold as well as Brass so that your jewelry will look it's best for years to come.

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