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Giles and Brother Jewelry

Giles and Brother is the jewelry collaboration between the sister and brother designing duo Courtney “Giles” and Philip Crangi. Both a jewelry and accessory design company, Giles and Brother has become known for their strong point of view when it comes to design and a strong foundation in American craftsmanship. Each line and piece of jewelry from Giles and Brother is designed to offer a smart yet pared-down look in fashion jewelry. Their thought is that each piece of jewelry shows it true beauty when it reveals the hand that made it. Many of the jewelry pieces are designed to maintain their “rough-hewn” qualities and stay true to their heritage. The Signature jewelry collection from Giles and Brother was designed to embody the American pioneering spirit while also changing the view on what is American fashion jewelry.  

Philip Crangi is a New York based jewelry designer with roots on South Florida who studied at Rhode Island School of Design. He designs his jewelry from weaving together stories of his past to create pieces that will endure and become part of the wearer’s history. Along with the line Giles and Brother that he founded with his sister in 2001, he also has a fine jewelry line. Their designs have won several awards such as CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Award and CFDA Swarovski Award and has been regularly featured in Vogue, W, InStyle, Elle and Harpers Bazaar.

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