Boho Beads

Whitley Henderson and Harris Parker of Boho Beads

What started as a hobby soon grew to more than they had imagined. Whitley Henderson and Harris Parker are best friends. Based out Raleigh, North Carolina, the two hand make each piece with love. In 2012, after continuously being asked where their bracelets were from and if they could be bought, Boho Beads was born.

Whitley and Harris, began making fashionable and affordable jewelry handcrafted in the South with a beachy bohemian feel. Their handmade pieces are being sold in a collection of boutiques across the US. Love & Pieces is featuring the Baby Boho Beads collection for children. These pieces are smaller in proportions and perfectly designed to work on children ages 3 to 13.  Bright fun colors make these pieces perfect for just about any occasion for children. Take a look at the Baby Boho Beads collection.

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