Dafne JewelryDafne Jewelry was created from the desire of designer and founder Dafne to create jewelry that was elegant and edgy and also easy to put on and to take off. Dafne who was born in Mexico and spent time between Miami and Paris set out to create just that vision with her own jewelry brand back in 2010 after working for the high-end French house of YSL for several years. While there, she learned about French refinement and feminine luxury. She quickly found success in her idea of combining lightness and refinement in each piece of jewelry she created to feel like second skin.

Thanks to her signature magnetic clasp, all Dafne Jewelry is easy to put on and take off with one simple gesture. In 2011 during Miami Beach Fashion Week she won the “Tiffany Jewelry Reward” a prestigious award. She has continued to evolve her brand into a modern, high end jewelry brand using only the best quality materials, a wide range of color palates and comfort in each piece that she designs. 

Her jewelry is designed with the idea of making anyone wearing it feel as they are in Paris or under the starry Miami night sky. Dafne Jewelry can be seen in several magazines including Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Venue. 

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