Gorjana Reidel of Gorjana Jewelry

Gorjana Jewelry was founded by a husband and wife team 10 years ago with the mission being to create jewelry that woman of any age could identify with and want to wear. The brand was launched in 2004 after the founder and namesake, Gorjana who was born in Yugoslavia found success as a Ford Model and in the fashion world. Wanting something of her own, she formed Gorjana with her husband with a single goal in mind. To make gold jewelry that could easily be layered and that the wearer does not want to take off. The outcome was jewelry that fit effortlessly into the buyers lives and a strong celebrity following including Resse Witherspoon, Cindy Crawford an Sienna Miller.

Gorjana which was started in Southern California has become the authority on layering and is known for it's consistent quality and aesthetic. Always combining current trends and must haves with timeless classics, Gorjana offers staple pieces as well as statement pieces.

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