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Joyiia Fashion Jewelry

Joyiia: /joi-ah/ A mix between the Spanish word for Gem (Joya) or Jewel and the word for Joy.

Designer Elina Crespi of Joyiia Jewelry was born in Uruguay and grew up in several South American Countries before making her way as an adult to Washington DC and than settling into Miami where she Joyiia in 2014.

From an early age Elina loved watching the woman in her family sketch designs for their clothing that would be made by local seamstresses. This is when her love of design and fashion was discovered.

As an adult in business school in the states, Elina was interested in starting her own creative based business. She started by designing handbags and than become a buyer for a accessory boutique before ultimately starting Joyiia . Joyiia jewelry is designed to fuse together bohemian and contemporary styles in a new way. Each piece is designed to create unique and meaningful pieces for woman of all ages.

Many pieces in the Joyiia Collection are designed with the Ying and Yang theme and are given meaningful names. The idea being that for everything in the universe there are two complementary but opposing forces but most importantly Joyiia Jewelry is designed to bring Joy and ultimately happiness to those who wear it .     

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