Turchin Jewelry

Turchin Jewelry

Turchin Jewelry is a love story.  A love of each other, a love of design and a love of life. Designers Theresa and Tommy met by chance several years ago in Miami Beach when Theresa a successful model was on an assignment there. Tommy, who grew up in Miami Beach was first in the nightclub business before opening up a store on the famous Washington Ave. in Miami Beach where he began to explore his passion for design.

The couple began creating and developing their jewelry line over 10 years ago on their kitchen table. Their initial designs were inspired by Tibetan Mala Beads and all of their products from the start were and still are hand crafted, hand cast and hand finished in the United States. Allowing for the final product to always be of the highest quality, craftsmanship and design.  

Turchin Love and Light designs which are a mix of all things rock and roll and bohemian chic have been featured in several publications including InStyle, Lucky, and Marie Claire. Turchin Jewelry has also been worn by several celebrities including Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Will Smith and Pharell, just to name a few. 

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