Zacasha Necklaces - Jennifer BelcourtZacasha Jewelry was founded by designer Jennifer Belcourt after many years of traveling and living in Asia. She decided to settle in Bali which she describes as a mystical Island. The Zacasha collection is a direct inspiration from her her bohemian lifestyle and travels. Zacasha was founded over 10 years ago when Jennifer started designing a collection of necklaces and working with the traditional Balinese tassel and using different techniques and materials from all the different islands and combining that with her who own sense of style and color.

Each piece in her collection is still made entirely by hand in Indonesia and incorporates the skills and craftsmanship that each Island in Indonesia is known for producing the necklaces that she had envisioned. The necklaces are made with crystals, Mala beads, fresh water pearls, and lava stone beads and have knotting in between each bead a speciality of the island of Madura's. The fresh water pearls come from the island of Lambok, the lave stones beads from the volcanoes of Mt. Batur in Bali and Mt. Semeru in Java and the Mala bead is made from the seed of the Ganitri tree. Many of the necklaces also now have good luck charms adding to boho look and feel of this collection. 




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