Love & Pieces Fashion Jewelry Wishlist

Tired of Pretending You Love Your Gift?

Are you tired of getting gifts that you don't like?  Are you tired of pretending you love them?  Well the good news is that we have a solution for you.  With our new jewelry wishlist, you can take the guessing out of the gift buying process.  Let your loved ones know exactly what you want ahead of time.  Sometime a subtle hint, goes a long way to bringing joy to your special occasion.

1. Start Shopping

Start by shopping all of our beautiful jewelry pieces.  Browse through everything until you find something you want.  When you are ready, click on the "Save to My Wishlist" link on the product page.


2. Drop The Hint

Now you wait for just the right time to drop a hint to your loved one that you have been eyeing some jewelry and you have a perfect little jewelry wishlist.

3. Email and Share Your Wishlist

From your Wishlist page, you can email a link and personal message to your loved one.  Prefer to share your jewelry wishlist with the masses?  Share your wishlist on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and let everyone know.  

4. Enjoy Your Goodies

The last step is to sit back and wait for your goodies to arrive.  If you sent your loved ones your jewelry wishlist, its a matter of time before you can adorn yourself with the jewels.

So the next time your loved one asks you what you want for that special occasion, tell them you have the perfect thing to send them.