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Jaimie Nicole Jewelry

Jaimie Nicole Jewelry is an exclusive line of fashion jewelry founded by designer Jaimie Nicole Shepard, a Miami native. Best known for her signature bracelets and necklaces, Jaimie Nicole has made a name for herself using only the finest materials to create pieces that are a mix of simplicity and everyday luxury.

Jaimie Nicole Jewelry effortlessly blends distinctive design and style with total authenticity. All of her jewelry features authentic premium materials, such as semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold filled, and a variety of different beads.

All of her jewelry is made with total love and passion. Jaimie Nicole jewelry has been described as contemporary, colorful, and adventurous. Her jewelry is designed for woman of all ages and encourages those wearing it to experiment and have fun. Jaimie Nicole jewelry is perfect for stacking, mixing and matching giving you the ability for endless looks and styles.

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