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Spring Jewel Necklaces To Buy In 2015

Spring Jewel Necklaces

Spring Jewel Necklaces

The seasons are changing (finally!) and the constricting winter wardrobe is being swapped for the more free-spirited silhouette of spring. Now is the perfect time to get familiar with spring jewel necklaces for 2015 and identify the key pieces of jewelry that will accessorize your spring wardrobe.

We’ve made it easier for you to transition into spring, and identified a few trends in spring jewel necklaces that might pique your interest and capture your heart.


Spring Jewel Necklaces To Buy In 2015Brass necklaces

The more utilitarian appeal of brass jewelry has helped elevate the gold-like alloy from being the uncelebrated doppleganger of gold, to the a-lister of fashion jewelry. The muted gleam of brass was popular on the Spring 2015 runways with several designers showing brass spring jewel necklaces ranging from the delicate brass branch necklace of Dries Van Noten to the oversized brass pendants of Lanvin and Tom Ford.

This chic hammered pendant brass necklace by jewelry designer One Oak by Sara is the perfect layering piece, and can be paired with other complementary spring jewel necklaces for an effortlessly chic look.

Spring Jewel Necklaces To Buy In 2015

Choker Necklaces

Todays chokers are not all “Fifty Shades” bondage-style accessories, but also delicate chains in sleek metals, sometimes with glam bejeweled detailing. Ralph Lauren showed bejeweled chokers with their Spring 2015 line and paired them with multicolor crystal necklaces for a dramatic take on layering.

For a more wearable look, try our Jules Smith's Americana Choker in rose gold. It makes enough of a statement on its own with its clean lines and elegant appeal, and can also be layered with additional rose gold or silver necklaces to add more visual interest to your outfit.

Spring Jewel Necklaces To Buy In 2015

Luxe Boho-Chic

This season embraces a more luxurious take on the boho jewelry trend, pairing precious metals with beading, leather, and other unconventional materials for a whimsical look with a hint of glamour. Wood with gold, stone with silver, this juxtaposition of rugged and refined is one of the most intriguing trends to embrace this spring.

This beaded Agathe Pendant Necklace by Gina Cueto features a delightful combination of wooden and labradorite beads, with an agathe pendant set in gold plated sterling silver.

Spring Jewel Necklaces To Buy In 2015

The Pendant Necklace

The pendant takes center stage with dramatic designs that can easily transform a simplistic outfit into something memorable.  Hermes used intriguing geometric pendants to complement printed fabrics, while Giambattista Valli used a large silver disc pendant to add dimension to a sleek black ensemble. Nina Ricci did dramatic crystal pendants, but you can add pizzazz to your basics with this Crave Salt Natural Amethyst Gold Pendant Necklace. It has a large purple amethyst stone that will upgrade any outfit and win you many compliments.

Spring Jewel Necklaces To Buy In 2015

Layered Spring Jewel Necklaces

Layering will continue to be a popular trend as wearers experiment with multiple necklaces to create a single cohesive look. Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson are just a few of the a-listers who have embraced the layering trend and so can you! Layered necklaces take the guesswork out of layering, as they are already feature an ideal combination of chains that perfectly complement each other. The Double Bar Necklace from Jules Smith already comes layered so there’s no need to add other pieces.

Which trend in spring jewel necklaces interests you the most? Be sure to peruse our trendy spring accessories and shop new, intriguing pieces that will enhance your jewelry collection.

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