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  • The Role of Technology in the Development of Jewelry and Gemstones
  • Elissa S.

The Role of Technology in the Development of Jewelry and Gemstones

It is no news that technological advancement has infiltrated every sphere of human life; the jewelry industry is not an exception. From beads made from shells to laser-cut diamonds to digital ring sizers; it is obvious that the jewelry industry has greatly felt the impact of technology. Undoubtedly, technology has impacted the jewelry industry, and has influenced the way jewelry is created, advertised, and sold, and as massive as you think this impact has been, there is more to look forward to.

How Has Technology Influenced the Development of Jewelry and Gemstones?

Indeed, there are notable ways technology has infiltrated the production of jewelry and gemstones. Such ways include:

The Development of 3D Printing

3D printing isn't a novel introduction in the jewelry industry, although its popularity hasn't always been like it is now. The reason for its popularity in recent times isn't farfetched; it has become more affordable and accessible. Wider access to this technology makes it possible for more jewelers to create custom pieces easily. Also, the 3D printing technology makes it possible for jewelers to come up with more detailed and excellent designs, which were difficult to pull off with traditional manufacturing methods.

Enhanced CAD/CAM Technology

CAD technology has brought massive development to the way jewelers design jewelry, especially in the area of custom pieces. Apart from making it easy for jewelers to come up with unique items, it makes mass production of amazing designs possible. This technology also reduces human errors to the barest minimum and helps to create jewelry with more precision and accuracy.

Laser Technology


Undoubtedly, laser technology is impacting the design and manufacturing of jewelry. With the use of laser-powered tools, jewelers can effortlessly create designs with more intricacies. Furthermore, lasers make it possible to cut and shape gemstones with better precision. This results in the creation of gems with minimal human flaws and greater beauty and uniqueness. Gemstone suppliers like BIRON®, utilize different technologies to enhance the quality and precision of their gemstones, offering customers exquisite and flawless pieces.

The Emergence of Robotics

The use of robotics is not necessarily new in the industry; however, it has gained more recognition in recent times. It's recognition nowadays is largely based on its availability and affordability. Consequently, the manufacturing process of jewelry has become more effortless. Robotics makes it easier and more affordable for jewelers to create more custom pieces and complex designs for customers.


The nanotechnology makes it possible to manipulate matter at molecular and atomic levels. The impact this technology potentially has on jewelry is immeasurable as it allows jewelers to create devices with special properties. A classic example of this impact is how new types of gemstones and diamonds are being created. With nanotech, jewelers can come up with gems that have never been seen. Furthermore, nanotechnology has made it possible for jewelers and gemmologists to develop diamonds with unique properties. Such diamonds are less flawed, more excellent, and more solid than the gems formed in the earth.

Social Media and the Jewelry Industry

In the past, jewelers were limited to newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio as platforms for advertisement. These platforms were effective to an extent but were limited in many ways. However, with the emergence and growth of social media, amazing channels for advertisement have opened up. Jewelers are increasingly utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to reach a wider audience. Amazingly, this is just a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.


Nowadays, anyone from anywhere in the world can create an Instagram-sponsored post, write a Facebook ad, or promote a video on TikTok to advertise what they are selling. This means jewelers can showcase their merchandise to the world and get more customers.

The Influence of Technology on Online Shopping for Jewelry

Larger jewelry companies have always had the resources to develop e-commerce, as opposed to smaller independent jewelers. The good news is that technology has changed this narrative as platforms like Etsy, Shopify and other online marketplaces have been developed to link jewelers and customers worldwide. Apart from allowing jewelers to gain more global presence, these platforms give more control to jewelers over their businesses.

Technological advancement in the jewelry industry has also caused a better customer experience as customers can easily compare prices to find the best deals for themselves. Furthermore, with the introduction of Augmented Reality tool, customers can virtually try on everything they want to purchase without being in the jewelry store. This gives them confidence in their purchase and ensures customer satisfaction.


The jewelry industry and its customers have always been beneficiaries of the advancement of technology, and this can only get better. Indeed, the influence of technology on the development of jewelry and gemstones cannot be overemphasized. Who knows what more exciting technological additions innovators have in store for the jewelry industry?


  • Elissa S.

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