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What Exactly Is a Tigers Eye Stone?

Tigers Eye Jewelry Stones

What is Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger's Eye is a combination of solid blacks and golden yellow to deep reds stone that is part of the quartz group. It is known to provide great protection due to its powerful, dynamic energy. Tiger's Eye attracts harmony in life. A lot of people wanted to find genuine happiness in life. If a person is unhappy, it means that the person is surrounded with negative energy. Tiger's eye can attract positive people that can help turn a person's life positively. Not many may know this, but Tiger's Eye also attracts money. The stone's energy can help a person cope up with financial breakdown and financial stress. It is a stone that can be a help to achieve financial stability in life.

Tiger’s Eye in Fashion

In fashion, colors are very important. With that being said, Tiger's Eye is one of the most used color scheme in the fashion world. The combination of black and golden yellow exudes classy yet bold look and is often paired with the classic cat's eye make up. Many models and/or fashion icons use Tiger's Eye as a necklace. They love making it as their stand out piece for their outfit by wearing big cuts of the Tiger's Eye stone.

Recently, Tiger's Eye has been taking over instagram and Pinterest as a lot of people are staring to achieve a Tiger'a Eye nails. Many are aiming to get the classic black and yellow Tiger's eye. Different types of shades and finishes are becoming a hit ranging from glossy to glittery and even pigmented ones. What caught the attention of people aside from its classic style, it is a very doable DIY technique. Plus, it is about time that people should start appreciating metallic look more.

How to Wear Tiger’s Eye

Tips on how to wear Tiger's Eye is depending on one's personal style. The most usual way to wear a Tiger's Eye is by wearing it as a bracelet. We can often see men wear this on their wrist as a beaded black and golden yellow bracelet.

Meanwhile, ladies can wear it as a ring. Whether it is a big cut or a dainty cut type of ring, the vibrant colors of Tiger's Eye will definitely make a statement. Another way to wear it is through a pendant. By wearing it as a pendant, you can be playful with it by wearing big chunky cuts of Tiger's Eye stone that will surely get everyone's attention. Or you can wear it as a simple necklace, nothing grand or extravagant, just classy. You can personalize what gemstone cut you think that would be best suitable for you and even pick out types of chain that would go best with your chosen gemstone cut.

Cleaning Your Tigers Eye Jewelry

You want to be careful with tigers eye when cleaning it and many abrasive cleaners can damage or remove the luster from your tigers eye.  We are a little biased but our jewelry cleaner solution and jewelry care kit are completely safe on your tigers eye rings, earrings bracelets and more.  Give us a try and you won't be disappointed at the clean you get.  

  • Elissa S.
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