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Summer Jewelry With Tassels, Beads, and Statement Pieces

Summer Jewelry

Summer Jewelry

This summer, layer on lightweight jewelry instead of heavy clothes. Summer jewelry this season is all about tons of tassels, layers of chains, and classic beaded bracelets.

Summer Fringe and Tassels

Fringe is a huge trend right now in fashion and it’s transcended into our summer jewelry with tassels. Tassels might seem like a small, whimsical detail, but they have not gone without major notice. The Guardian did a report on the trend writing “The easiest way to look on point this season? Have things hanging off your clothes,” and takes note of fringe on fashion models and the people that hang on their every look.

Beaded Mix Necklace Summer Jewelry

A lightweight statement piece, we’re huge fans at Love & Pieces. Designer Chan Luu has super stylish necklaces that embrace the movement. In fact, a lot of yogis and festival goes have been spotted sporting the look. Gone are heavy weighted designs made of stone, glass and metal that weigh you down. A popular pick is the Neon Pink Beaded Mix Tassel Necklace by Chan Luu. It’s not without bling, this gem features 18 Karat Gold Plated Sterling Silver and an Adjustable Gold Indian Bead.

Roll On Those Beaded Bracelets

Embrace the fringe benefits of tassels in your necklaces and bracelets. Have some fun livening up your look this season with your summer jewelry! Roll on our Medium Wood Tassel Bracelet by Gold & Gray. The piece has been featured in many magazines including Seventeen and Woman’s Health. The bold calypso colored threads of pink, orange and white will set the tone of any outfit and can be mixed and matched.

Get Edgy For A Special Occasion

It’s wedding season, so that means dresses! If you want to edge up your look a bit, look for summer jewelry that has a nice balance of luxury and sass. Go Boho this summer.  Layered metal chain necklaces do just the trick. Some people might wonder if you’re wearing multiple necklaces- it’s a great conversation starter. We’re obsessed with our Heriess of Egypt Silver Chain Choker by Ettika. As The fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” Layered chains are a great way to narrow down the clutter while still getting the look. Think of bangles, but without the bang.

Bring on the Summer Jewelry

Forget the Designer Clothes, Bring On The Summer Jewelry

Summer jewelry is a great way to get the look for less. Burberry has a dress that’s entirely fringe. But why buy new designer clothes this season when you can take advantage of the trends simply by clasping on your necklace?

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