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Spiked Jewelry is a Throwback to Punk!

Spiked Jewelry is a Throwback to Punk


Music has always, in some way or another influenced fashion. Punk music came along between the years of 1974-1976 and it brought a whole new way to look at fashion and hear music. From plaid to spiked jewelry it's all a throwback to the long past days of original punk rock!

Jenny Bird Spiked Necklace Jewelry

Jenny Bird | Talitha Necklace 

Punk Pushed The Limits

In the mid nineteen-seventies punk was forming in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.  Its roots are in garage rock and other forms of music.  West Coast Punk, aka punk music coming out of Southern California, was heavily influenced the by works of The Beach Boys.

Punk music took the rebel life style to the extreme, instead of conforming to what society considered normal.  Groups like Blue Oyster Cult helped make spikes fashionable. 


The punk rock lifestyle took music and the fashion world to a whole new level.  This new trend created a concern for parents worldwide as up to this point nothing like it’s been seen before.

Spiked Punk Jewelry

Jenny Bird | Jagger Bib Necklace    Courtney Lee Collection | Rex Silver Spike Earrings

Birth of Spiked Jewelry From Punk Fashion

From Mohawks to a new wave of wearing spiked dog colors or bracelets was emerging as punks fashion. Punk music was for the rebels.  It made parents stay up at night.  Wearing spikes was a way to rebel against mainstream society may not seem surprising in today’s world, but during the early punk scene it was.

Today spikes have become commonplace in jewelry and fashion.  

Punk Rock and Spike Necklace Jewelry

Courtney Lee Collection | Bryce Necklace 

Spiked jewelry is a throwback to punk from its early beginnings. The fast pace and loudness of the punk music, made a lot of heads turn because of its purity to what was popular during the mid-seventies.

To look at music another way, the late 1960's was all about peace and love.  During the mid 1970's times were changing to a more rebellious attitude within the music scene and fashion.

When fashion icons, such as Alexander McQueen, showed the world a new way to look at fashion, at first a lot of people thought his vision was rebellious and now he will always be remembered as one of the most creative and rebellious in fashion. Others have followed suit in the rebellious way of fashion.  

Fashion Jewelry Today

Today though we see spiked jewelry becoming more and more mainstream.  What was once a sign of rebellion is now a growing fashion trend.

Spiked jewelry has been seen in magazines throughout this summer and now it is making its way into many more for autumn issues. Earrings like these Amber Sceats Eleanor beauties are finished with a point.  

Amber Sceats Silver Spiked Earrings Jewelry

Amber Sceats | Eleanor Silver Earrings 

Necklaces, rings and bracelets like these spike bangle bracelets from Gina Cueto are now in fashion and will continue to be seen on celebrities and in many more magazines to come.

Spiked jewelry started simply with a dog collar being worn around the neck.  From a modest punk beginning, spiked jewelry is worn on a variety of runways this fashion season. A simple pair of silver spiked earrings or a lovely spiked necklace can enhance an update any fashion wardrobe this fall season. Spiked Jewelry is a throwback to punk but a staple of today's fashion.

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