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10 Ridiculous Halloween Jewelry Pieces

Halloween is a chance to wear whatever you want (something that you won’t wear in a normal day) and not having to explain why you did. You might want to dress up as a real-life Barbie with the perfect accessories in tow or your favorite pop star, maybe? For one night, you have the license to be whoever you want. Most of the time, people go a little crazy and obviously, that is a-okay (you get a pass on Halloween). Halloween is this weekend and we want to share with you 10 ridiculous Halloween jewelry pieces for the year!

1-2. Spider earrings and necklace

During Halloween, you are not limited to dress up as a living thing. If you went as a haunted house last weekend, this jewelry could've been a good addition to your costume. Why not go all the way and put some spider (and spider web) earrings and necklace on to add some character to your outfit?

3. Skeleton earrings

Let’s admit it. These are just way too cute for Halloween. If you went out just as yourself for Halloween, then you might as well bring out the skeleton (earrings) that are hidden in your closet to make your usual outfit Halloween appropriate.


 4. Dracula Pins

People who dressed up as Dracula complete with a cape and fangs have just took it to a whole new level by pinning these Dracula pins. There is no doubt that something related to Dracula would be included in our list of 10 ridiculous Halloween jewelry pieces. What is Halloween without the ever famous Dracula, right?


5. Devil Earrings

Ladies who dressed up as Diablos little assistants need not to exert effort. An all-black ensemble topped with devil horns and they can definitely pass as one. Adding this little Halloween jewelry number will make you look stylish and stand out from the rest!


6-7. Witch Black Hat Society Pendant

We needed some time to identify who these men in the pendant are. During Halloween, just put on a witch hat and you can automatically turn your ordinary outfit into a Halloween costume. Witch for a night? Just add this hilarious pendant and these quirky earrings for emphasis.


 8. Poison Necklace

For those who went out on Halloween as a witch, you want to make sure that you have your poison.  Rock this little potion hung on your neck just in case you need it.

9. Heart Necklace

There is no Halloween jewelry as versatile as this. Doctors-wannabe, serial killers, Dracula - this heart necklace totally makes a great addition to any of your Halloween costumes!

10. Blood Drip Earrings

And on our 10 Halloween jewelry piece list, this is no doubt our ultimate favorite! How cool and creative are these blood dripping earrings? Made out of hot glue it looks pretty good. Creative! 

We surely can’t get enough of the creative costumes and jewelry during Halloween season! But it’s time to put it all back in our Halloween box and save it for next year.

Halloween may be over this year but next is Thanksgiving.  If you haven’t seen our Thanksgiving jewelry list from last you its worth a read.  Looking for gifts for the holidays take a look at our must haves this season.  It’s not too early to do some holiday shopping, isn't it?


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