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  • Tell Your Story With A Charm Bracelet
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    Charmaine P
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Tell Your Story With A Charm Bracelet


Charm bracelets can be more than just jewelry. Charm bracelets can be a collection of memories that tell many great stories. One can pick out individual charms to bring good luck, celebrate a memory, or pay homage to a loved one. Pandora bracelets became remarkably popular for their charms, allowing an individual to build their own charm bracelets.

Keep in mind, there are no do’s and don’ts to building a charm bracelet. Mix and match any combinations of charms. However, the #1 rule to charm bracelets; they should express YOU. Need some help to start off?


Life Milestones

Life is challenging and surprising at the same time. Your life milestones will contribute to who you are as a person. Consider a study book charm to celebrate graduating from school. How about a Sydney Opera House charm for your first visit to your dream destination in Australia? Or keep it simple with a clover charm to bring you some good luck at your new job.


Special Occasions

Celebrating an upcoming birthday? Treat yourself with a charm you’ve been wanting to get as a birthday present. Spoil yourself to that limited edition Christmas charm to add to your charm bracelet for the holidays. Show off your love for your spouse with an anniversary charm. These occasions are special for a reason. They are meant to be remembered forever. Why not celebrate it with a new meaningful charm?


We all have our bad days. Sometimes, we need something that will remind us of our dreams and goals. Let your charm bracelet be your inspiration. Rule the world with our “I Will Survive” bracelets or ward evil away with our evil eye bracelet to remind you everything will be alright.

The #1 Rule

Choose a charm that symbolizes who you are and the things that you are passionate about. An artist’s palette pendant charm for the Leonardo da Vinci’s of the world, a music trinity pendant charm for the musicians at heart, or maybe a camera charm for the aspiring photographers. Building your charm bracelet is an exciting experience. Instead of buying all the charms that you like in just one go, do it one-by-oneMake it special and tell your story with your charm bracelet.

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    Charmaine P
  • Trends

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