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The Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2016

top jewelry trends of 2016

Boost your style, complete your look, or add to your accessories collection. Find the best styles with these top 10 jewelry trends of 2016 to try now!

Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2016

Infographic courtesy of Sparkling Jewellery London

Coin Necklaces

A must-have jewelry trend of 2016! A simple accessory to draw some attention. Coins can be silver, bronze, or gold. Wear a single coin medallion necklace for a simplistic look or wear with as many coins as you would like for a more creative, glitzy presence. No matter your attire, coin necklaces are a top fashion add-on to wear anywhere.

Ear Cuffs

Fake multiple piercings with this ‘all ears’ jewelry trend. Great for women who are looking for a substitute to standard earrings.  Ear cuffs stand out and express a unique twist to the traditional ear piercing. A favored fashion fad for those who love the appearance but don’t like the pain.

Statement Necklaces

Define your personal style with a unique, bold, and interesting statement necklace jewelry piece. Complement your most flattering dress with a bib, pendant, or choker necklace. You can also add that extra chic when wearing black or white. A go-to fashion trend of 2016.

Whimsical Designs

Whimsical designs on jewelry add cuteness and a fun look. Popular designs feature adorable animals, flowers, and word jewels.  Check out our own collection for whimsical designs for you or a friend.

Stacking Rings

Mix and match jewelry stacking rings. A trend with no rules. Select thick to thin rings and stack em’ up. Play with texture or shapes with your stacking to keep from being too plain.


Perfect for Spring, motif jewelry are ideal for extra feminine styles. Decorative jewelry with flowers, rainbows, bows, half moons and charms show a soft, petite, but trendy look. A soft touch with not too much bling.   


Rising trends of 2016 has also made slogan jewelry more popular. Slogan jewelry has become more attractive with brands like Chanel. With bracelets, necklaces with slogans like “BFF, WTF, LOL, and Kiss”. A popular trend to show off your one of kind design.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been bouncing in and out of fashion industry but 2016 is the time for rose gold jewelry. A warmer alternative to gold or silver conveying an attractive and luxurious feature. Its beautiful “pink” shade suits any skin tone. A popular color selection for engagement rings.


A trend that does not go away. Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend.  Diamond earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets add the perfect touch of sophistication, class, and elegance. Year after year, diamonds have shown to be the hottest trend.


A classic for jewelry trends. Pearls offer beauty and elegance no matter the current trend. Match with metals and stones for a classy, expensive look. Perfect for either the minimalist or fashionista.

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