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How We Orchestrated Our Amazing Launch Picture

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I have been working on Love & Pieces for a while now and I knew I wanted to go big.  I knew that when I launched I wanted to provide imagery that really showed the scope of all those that have been involved.  It had to show how important everyone has been to making my online jewelry boutique a reality.  We started this dream a while back but started building a list early on of people that we wanted to be part of our launch shoot.  We quickly compiled a list of about 100 people but realized that we needed more.  We really needed a lot of people to accurately depict the importance of the launch and all the work that it took.  I asked around and gathered as many friends and family and employees that I could. 

We had a date and we had our list.  We had accumulated just over 1000 people and realized this was the wow factor we were going for.  The next feat was to be able to capture this many people in one photo shoot.  We wanted a large impressive shot for our online jewelry boutique but unless we were able to get everyone in one picture, its wasn't going to have the affect we wanted.  We knew that going big meant committing to it.  We realized we were going to need to shoot the photography from the air.  In order to fly above this many people and get a full shot we were going to need a hot air balloon.  We called around Miami and found the right team.  A small company out of Hialeah swore they were the ones that could make it happen.  They did birthday parties but also hot air balloon and donkey rides so this seemed like the perfect fit. 

Now that everyone was committed, a date was set, and the hot air balloon was booked all we needed was a photographer.  We knew the picture needed to be high impact.  We didn't want your regular lame photo shoot.  We wanted something showy.  Something Miami.  We called around and settled on the photographer from Beyonces world tour.  We would charter a plane for him and bring him for the day to get the shot.  It seemed excessive but we really wanted to nail the shot first time around.  We had rented a hot air balloon and coordinated 1000 people and couldn't afford to not have perfection first time around. 

The stage was set and it was go time.  Everyone was required to meet early in the morning so that the choreographer (Mariah Careys) could start arranging the people properly.  This was no easy feat.  Herding a 1000 people is a serious mission and making it look just right was another.  Once we had everyone arranged, we fired up the balloon and got the photographer up in the air.  After 30 minutes of maneuvering the balloon just right, we had it.  We had the amazing shot that you see here.  We are so thankful to everyone who was a part of this shot and for our humble announcement photo shoot.  With that said we are pleased to announce we have officially opened our online jewelry boutique and we are ready for business.  Now take out your wallets and share some love and if you want the names of the people involved in the shoot please scroll down below.  

Small Print:  The truth is like most of Miami this story is a tad exaggerated.  We had to make a big fuss and come up with an elaborate story but really this picture was done for $5 while sitting on the couch.  Interested in one for yourself?  Contact us and we will give you Beyonces Photographers number.


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  • Elissa S.
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