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Shark Teeth Jewelry And Horn Jewelry On Trend

Shark Teeth Jewelry and Horn Jewelry Are Back

Meridian Ave Shark Tooth JewelryYou have seen the horns and shark tooth jewelry everywhere this summer and now the new fall season looks to be doing it again. Everyone's still draped in shark teeth, horns, and more. Gold shark tooth jewelry, real shark tooth jewelry, ivory teeth, silver horns and wood horns. Bones, horns and shark teeth jewelry are hot and not just for the boho-chic crowd. From smaller fashion designers to more established brands we are seeing a continuation of these trends into the fall season and probably well beyond. But where did this trend come from and why is it so popular? Why do women want to wear fancy jewelry with bones, horns and teeth on them? The answer may be in our history.

A quick Google search reveals that teeth were actually the first material used to make jewelry dating back to the beginning of human existence. We're talking 6 to 7 million years ago. Maybe not shark tooth jewelry but teeth were initially used as tools and then evolved into being used for jewelry and decoration. Bones and teeth were was readily available from hunting expeditions and often traded among people.

Much later in civilization and for a Jewels By Dunn Horn Jewelrylarge part of modern day society there was incredible demand for ivory jewelry. Ivory was one of the most highly sought after materials for much of the 80's. Ivory comes from elephant as well as a number of other animal teeth. In the late 80's ivory distribution was banned and sales of ivory jewelry plummeted.  It became taboo to wear or own ivory jewelry and for many years we saw this trend in jewelry subside.

And here we are in 2014 with a surge in shark tooth jewelry, horn and bone jewelry. Sounds quite disgusting actually, but almost all of the fashion jewelry lines are carrying pieces shaped like teeth or horns. Whether shaped from metals or bone looking materials the tooth and horn are fashionable and in demand.

Gold And Gray Brass Horn JewelryGold is hot and there's no exception with tooth or horns made in gold.  For example our popular gold shark tooth jewelry friendship bracelets from Meridian Ave or our brass horn charm on this Gold and Gray necklace. We also have these oversize hot wooden horn necklaces from Jewels by Dunn.

So whether you think that it is cool or not, there is no denying the fact that horns, teeth and bone fashion jewelry have been hot this summer and the trend will be continuing into the fall and well beyond.  Read more about 7 Facts about Shark Tooth Jewelry You Didn't Know.

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  • Elissa S.
  • Trends

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