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Your Bright Colored Jewelry Doesn't Have To Hibernate

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Don't Put Away Your Bright Colored Jewelry

It's that sad time of year. The highs of summer are coming to an end. Kids are back in school and no more half day Fridays to head out of the office early and get your weekend started. Labor Day is over and summer for 2014 is now history. While this may mean for some the standard rules of no white jeans after labor day and various other fashion faux pas, does it really also apply to bright colored jewelry. Do I have to switch to my darker colored jewelry and give up my fun neon and bright colored jewelry? How can I still get my bright colored jewelry to work for me, especially when I love color?


Its Too Hot To Be Fall

I may be biased and its tough for me to write about how summer is over as I walk from my car into the 95 degree heat as Love & Pieces is based out of Miami Beach, Florida. And as everyone who lives in Miami knows we generally have two seasons instead of the typical four else where in the country and world. In Miami our seasons consist of hot and hotter. Because of this, we see people continue their summer fashion trends and specifically bright colored jewelry later and later into the year. I know as I do this myself.  We wear open toe shoes all year round here and even the white jeans still work here in winter.  

Los Angeles also has an elongated summer season. Beach weather is still an option well into October. On both the east and West Coasts in the warmer climates you will see neon and bright colored jewelry trends continue through out the year. We are still seeing large sales of our colorful beaded tassel bracelets as well as our shark tooth jewelry and friendship bracelets. The bright colors aren't in a rush to go anywhere and quite frankly we love our neon and bright colored jewelry and the trends that developed over the summer and would rather keep them around.  

Fall Colors Aren't As Fun

While Fall brings in darker colors and other Meridian Avenue Jewelry Childrensamazing and great new trends, that we will talk about more in an upcoming blog posts, we are still rocking our summer and bright colored jewelry and not letting them go!!!! Stack your bright colors and wear them with pride. So if you don't know whether its acceptable or not, throw caution to the wind. Grab your bright jewelry, put it on and face that Labor day has come and gone but you can still rock all your fabulous bright colored jewelry way into fall and even beyond. Life is too short to care about rues and frankly we get it, summer maybe over but you're not taking away our fun and bright colored jewelry.

We still have a great curated collection of neon and bright colored jewelry from our designers that can easily work through out the year whether you live in Miami, LA, or Maine.To see some of fabulous bright colored jewelry pieces and shop our neon collection click here.

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  • Elissa S.
  • Trends

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