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Our Gold & Gray Interview One on One

Gold & Gray Jewelry Collection

Our Featured Designer Of The Month Gold & Gray Interview

This month we have an interview with our featured designer of the month Gold & Gray.  Gold & Gray is based out of LA and owned by an amazing emerging jewelry designer Lily Gray.  The line is both bohemian but sophisticated and differs from what we are seeing so much of these days. 

Lily What Got You Into Jewelry And Ultimately Gold & Gray?

I really have always loved jewelry and started designing things for my friends and family.  I didn't actually think that I could make it a full time business until I started selling to local boutiques and realized it was a possibility.  At that point I quit my job and started working on Gold & Gray full time.  I never looked back.

You Mentioned You Sold To Local Boutiques? How Much Has LA Influenced You?

I love LA.  Its where I grew up and has a large part to do with who I am.  I love the beach and the lifestyle in LA.  I love spending time outside and visiting local museums.  Its always sunny here and I have a lot of childhood memories of going to the beach here.

Did You Have Formal Training In Jewelry Design Or Go To School For Jewelry?

No actually I majored in Communication Studies in college but always had a passion for jewelry design.  I did take some beading classes and interned for a couple of jewelry designers.

What Do You Find Is Your Biggest Challenge With Being a Jewelry Designer?

I think my biggest challenge is finding the right balance between work and personal time.  It's not always so easy to just "turn it off" and that's been tough for me.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to handle this. I do find organizing things whether its inventory or my personal things I find it calming.

What's Your Favorite Gold & Gray Piece?

bright tassel bracelets

I go through phases with my jewelry and tend to change my favorites.  I will wear a necklace or bracelets for a month straight and then switch it up.  I never leave home without either bracelets or a necklace.  Right now I love wire wrapped turquoise necklace and always my beaded tassel bracelets.  I can't make them fast enough.    

What's Been The Most Rewarding Thing So Far About Starting Your Own Line?

It's hard to say one thing.  I love seeing other people enjoying my jewelry and seeing how they wear it.  Its been really rewarding also to see all of my hard work paying off.  Working for yourself is not always the easiest but has been really great.

Lily we thank you for your time and wish you nothing but continued success with Gold & Gray. To browse through the whole Gold & Gray Collection click here.

Gold & Gray Collection

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