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Pumpkin Jewelry - Bling Your Pumpkin

Pumpkin Jewelry

Have Some Fun This Year: Jewelry For Your Pumpkin

Its that time of year again when we rush out last minute to get costumes in time to decorate the house and go to a friends for Halloween.  Children march through neighborhoods asking for candy dressed as the newest cartoon character of the year.  I suppose it may still be Elsa from Frozen this year.  Well this year its time to bling our pumpkin out with pumpkin jewelry.  One of the best parts of Halloween is getting the pumpkin ready.  We always have fun with the kids picking a pumpkin and then carving the pumpkin and lighting it up. 

Picking Pumpkins without Jewelry

Unfortunately being in South Florida, with the humidity, our pumpkin shelf life is incredibly short.  If you carve the pumpkin the week of Halloween, you are lucky to make it through Halloween before it rots.  Over the last couple of years though, there have been some new ideas and of course products for sale that have made it a little easier though.  Last year we bought one of these stencil kits that lets you trace a pattern onto the pumpkin and then carve out the pieces.  I'm not sure we did it correctly as we didn't actually carve all the way through but it lasted a little longer.  It was sub par to say the least.  You be the judge.  Its a cat.

Jewelry On Your Pumpkin

Well this year I came across something different from a site called Spray Paint And Chardonnay.  Given the fact that we had launched our new online jewelry store I wanted something with a little more bling this year.  I looked around and found these amazing pumpkins wearing jewelry.  Rather than the old tired and boring pumpkins this has an edge.  The idea is to take either fake or real pumpkins and first paint them.  I know the orange color is very traditional but if we are going to put jewelry on our pumpkin, then we can't be looking schlocky.  Get fancy and paint it something chic.  If you were a pumpkin and getting dressed up in jewelry and blinging yourself out, how would you want to look.  

Once your pumpkin is painted and dry, its time to put the jewelry on your pumpkin.  In these shots she used studs and sequins but you really can use whatever you want.  Have fun and get kids involved.  While these are very sleek and perfect, I'm sure children can make something more imaginable and less perfect. If you want them for a party though and want your jewels aligned perfectly then go for it.  I love these jeweled pumpkins and they look really nice.  You get the point but we wanted to give you some inspiration for this Halloween.  Don't be afraid to put jewelry on your pumpkin.

Jewelry Pumpkin

And the Piece de Resistance ready for the ball...

Jeweled Pumpkin

So be safe and have fun this halloween and if you are interested in finding some our Halloween inspired jewelry take a look at our Halloween collection here.  It's a stretch but they are edgy, spooky or orange and that's good enough for us.  Happy Halloween from all of us at Love & Pieces

Halloween Jewelry


Shmancy Pumpkin Photo Credit: Spray Paint And Chardonnay

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  • Elissa S.
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