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Ear Cuffs Trend Report

Ear Cuffs Trend Report

Ear Cuffs are all the Rage

While new trends and styles tend to slip in and out of fashion, there is one that we are seeing everywhere and for quite some time now. Ear Cuffs have been popular for some time now but we are really starting to see them be more widely accepted. There have been several modifications and innovations with ear cuffs and in reality it’s no longer just a cuff for the ear. The phrase ear cuff is being used for a variety of different types of earrings including earrings that are going up the ear or connecting in two parts or various other variations on the traditional earring. Regardless they seem to be falls must have trend. Starting with celebrities and now being seen all over the place ear cuffs appear to be the “it” thing.

Ear Cuffs are the It thing!

Pick up any fashion magazine or look online at all the celebrities attending award ceremonies or other events and what you will find is a range of unique and different ear cuffs. From Vanessa Hudgens to Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, everyone is getting in on the ear cuff trend. So what do you think is so special and attractive about the ear cuff? What makes it an interesting wear and why is it all over the place now?

What makes Ear Cuffs so Unique & Alluring

Ear Cuffs are different and this is what people are attracted to. Looking to change up the standard accessories that we have seen for so many years, people are looking for something new. Something to stand out and certainly ear cuffs do that. You see, it's not just about the uniqueness of the accessory itself. It's also the statement you are trying to make. An average earring may go unnoticed, while an ear cuff, on the other hand gives you an entirely different and distinct look, something that most of us are looking for. The balance is trying to be different while keeping it classy.

Earcuff Styles

We thought we would show you some of our favorite over the top ear cuffs here. Could you pull this off? Would you want to?

A Little Much?

Can’t rock the crazy ones? We understand. Ear Cuffs are now available in different styles and designs that are a little more subdued. Looking to incorporate something different in your earring collection but not ready for a full chandelier on the ear. We understand. We have a couple of ear cuff pieces that may be just for you. So, if you don’t like the rather gaudy and highly accessorized ear cuff, you have these simple yet unique ear cuffs to choose from.

Gina Cueto Pave Earcuffs Gina Cueto Talousse EarcuffGina Cueto Bordeaux Earcuff


Our Earcuffs

We offer ear cuffs in gold, rose gold, silver and a gun metal black. We also have some with pave stones on to add a little bling to your cuff.

Ear Cuffs All the Way!

In a nutshell, Ear Cuffs are hot and we see this trend continuing into the fall and winter. You don’t have to rock crazy ear cuffs. Try something more subdued and pair it up with a regular earring to mix it up or give your piercings a break and wear them by themselves.


Looking for something a little more classic?  Browse our whole earring collection here.

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  • Elissa S.
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