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  • Double Pearl Earrings Trend Report
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Double Pearl Earrings Trend Report

Double Pearl Earrings Trend Report

Double Pearl Earrings

When you think of pearl earrings, it may evoke the vision of an outdated trend that your grandmother would wear. Now, it’s possible to bring this jewelry piece back while looking as chic as ever, with double pearl earrings. This look merges classic elegance with a modern feel that both celebrities and fashionistas everywhere are taking advantage of. Double pearl earrings are versatile and can be worn with a fancy cocktail dress, or rocked with a leather jacket and dark denim to mix up a casual ensemble. You don’t have to be a star to pull off this look.

Mix It Up With Your Double Pearl Earrings

Not all double pearl earrings have to look the same. You can wear the classic white pearl, or a number of amazing different colored options.  Depending on how much of a statement you want to make or the outfit you’re looking to pair them with, there are a lot of options. At Love & Pieces, we have a wide selection, with the Meridian Avenue double pearl earrings. They come in white, light gray, black, peacock and seafoam. Can’t make up your mind.  Get a couple of different colors.  Buying multiple colors allows you to take advantage of this fashion statement with whatever outfit you choose. An evening look can be paired with the traditional white or black pairs, and the peacock or seafoam perfectly compliment a patterned sweater and jeans. Whether you want to make an outfit look fancier, or need a pair of earrings to wear on the go, these double pearl earrings give you options.

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Starlets Rocking Double Pearl Earrings

Of course, when looking at a new jewelry trends we love to check out how our favorite stars are wearing them. British beauty Emma Watson’s sleek up-do paired with a timeless pair of double pearl earrings makes for a stunning red carpet look. Jennifer Lawrence also wore her double pearls with an up-do, which is a good way to show off the trend in a glamorous way, while singer Rihanna wears hers in an edgier way, with her signature hand tattoos and other show-stopping jewelry pieces (notice her pearl bracelet?). The stars show how double pearl earrings work as both a perfect formal accessory, or with darker outfits.

Not All Double Pearl Earrings = High Quality

There’s nothing worse than a piece of jewelry that isn’t made from high quality materials. Not only can they be hard on your skin, but also make an otherwise knockout outfit look tacky. Not all double pearl earrings are created equal.  While these particular sets are not real pearls to avoid the $500 plus price tag, they are hand assembled with high quality workmanship and materials.  Sterling silver posts ensure you won’t have a problem wearing them. The combination of the high quality and range of options makes our double pearl earrings the perfect accessory.

A Worthwhile Investment

With the versatility double pearl earrings offer, investing in a few different pairs will leave you with plenty of options. They are really hot right now and we can barely keep them in stock.  Check out our color selections, and see which pairs best suite your style.  #Lovesparkleshine

Meridian Avenue Double Pearl Earrings

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