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  • Chunky Chain Necklaces Trend Report
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Chunky Chain Necklaces Trend Report

Chunky Chain Necklaces Trend Report

Chunky Chain Necklaces

Finding an everyday necklace to wear that isn’t too plain can be a daunting fashion choice. While simple pieces can work with most outfits, they often go unnoticed. This week, we’ll explore the trend of chunky chain necklaces, which are an ideal choice for spicing up any ensemble. Whether you tend to wear silver or gold jewelry, a chunky chain can call attention to what you’re wearing without being too boring or too overstated.

Chunky Chain Necklaces: The New Statement Piece

Many women may feel intimidated by bold, colorful statement necklaces, but still want a bigger piece to wear with different outfits. If you’re apprehensive about bright tones or funky patterned necklaces, chunky chain necklaces can be a suitable alternative. Without being too flashy, chunky chains make a statement. Pairing a crisp gold chunky chain necklace with a white button down top and leather jeans is a perfect fall outfit that appears stylishly simple. You may be tired of your go-to little black dress, but adding a chunky chain necklace to overlap it can add a sharp collar effect. Chunky chains are a minimalistic piece that can be paired with almost any look, and make outfits you’ve previously worn seem much more fashionable.

An Assortment Of Styles

Fashionistas who love the chunky chain necklaces can stock up on different kinds of this chic style. At Love and Pieces, the Jenny Bird line has a variety of chunky chains that range from classic pieces to funkier takes on the trend. The RiRi Collar Tri-Tone is a great choice for individuals who like to stand out, with it’s leather collar (another trend we love) and three different chain colors.

Jenny Bird Tri Color Chunky Chain Necklace


If you’re interested in a more understated chain, the RiRi Collar Gold still offers the chunky chain look and leather collar without the multi-color influence.

gold chunky chain necklace


Need a multi-faceted piece? Try the St. Tropez Necklace, which can be double layers or worn as a long chain. We love this because it can be worn with a variety of tops, and look like two completely different necklaces. What’s great about chunky chains is that they are so versatile; they can be worn at different lengths, be purchased in various colors, and can even be layered.

Chunky Chains: Celeb Watch

celebrities wearing chunky chain necklaces

Of course, we love to see how celebrities are wearing our favorite jewelry trends, and as we predicted, they are using chunky chain necklaces in a variety of ways. Kim Kardashian paired her shorter gold chain with a topknot hairstyle, black top and blazer. Each piece is simple, and the gold chain helps pull it all together. Miley Cyrus is known for her outlandish style, but toned it down with a gold chain and black leather jacket, while actress Brittany Snow chose a silver chain piece to accompany a fancier look, a white blousy top, sparkly pants and wedges. These celebs, among others, are using their chunky chain necklaces with their daytime looks and pairing them with fancier items as well.

An Everyday Piece We Love

Finding a chunky chain necklace you love is a great idea, because it will become your go-to piece if an outfit is a little too plain, or you need a glamorous necklace to accompany an evening ensemble. Make sure to check out all of the chunky chain necklaces Love & Pieces has to offer here.


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