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10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces

Top 10 List of Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces

Our 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces

The holidays always bring out strange emotions in each of us. Some get the feeling of loneliness, some of enjoyment. Some miss family and some are excited to get together with family and reminisce. Another strange thing that holidays seem to do is bring out some ugly fashion trends.  From ugly Christmas sweaters to bad jewelry pieces. We set out this year to find the 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces we could find. So as to not hurt any feelings we have not linked to these pieces or mentioned the people who made them. Without further ado I present to you Love & Pieces’ 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces for 2014.



Thanksgiving Cornucopia Earrings

1. The Cornucopia Earrings

A real beauty these festive earrings are sure to go well with any outfit.  A full basket of festive thanksgiving vegetables make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner jewelry piece.


Thanksgiving Broach Turkey Top Hat

2. The Distinguished Turkey Charm

Looking to dress it up this year. This turkey is fancy and adorned with his finest top hat. Get formal this year and wear the turkey charm. Your guests will love it.

Ugly Jewelry Full Turkey Necklace

3. The Full Turkey Charm Necklace

This piece is really a special one. Quite a cute, chunky, ceramic turkey adorns a beautiful, asymmetrical, festive, Thanksgiving-themed, necklace.

Neon Turkey Thanksgiving Earrings

4. The Neon Turkey Dangling Earrings

Clearly inspired by our neon jewelry collection these beauties accentuate the true beauty of the turkeys feet.  A real must own earring set.

Thanksgiving Jewelry With Everything On It

5. The Kitchen Sink

Are you looking for a bracelet that truly encompasses everything about Thanksgiving in one piece. This bracelet offers a little taste of everything from Thanksgiving all in one.

Two Hanging Pumpkin Thanksgiving Earrings

6. Two Pumpkins on the Vine Earrings

These two little pumpkins are so sad and looking for a Thanksgiving dinner to be worn to. Take these classic thanksgiving jewelry beauties home for the holidays.

Matching Thanksgiving Necklace and Earring Set

7. The Thanksgiving Jewelry Set

We aren't quite sure if this beautiful necklace comes with an earring set or a pair of matching keychains but either way these are must haves jewelry pieces for this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanksgiving Ridiculous Hats

8. Ridiculous Thanksgiving Head Jewelry

OK so maybe its a stretch to call it jewelry but these hats deserved a spot in our top 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces because they are just that bad. Try rolling into Thanksgiving dinner wearing one of these bad boys.

Roast Chicken Earrings

9. The Turkey of the Ear

Show your love for roast turkey this Thanksgiving with these beautiful roasted brown turkey earrings. Our runner up for the 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces but a serious contender. We love these earrings

Turckey Necklace Broach

10. The Main Course

The Piece-de-Resistance and the winner of our 2014 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces goes to this exquisite full turkey dinner pendant.  The attention to detail and bed of cooked greens make this an absolute clear winner.  Truly a one of kind piece that will knock the socks of your Thanksgiving guests.

That wraps up our top 10 list of ugliest Thanksgiving jewelry pieces. With all of these beautiful gift ideas and outfit ideas for Thanksgiving we know you are torn which to get. Unfortunately we don't offer any of these selections but have a beautiful collection of fashion jewelry they may just work for your Thanksgiving dinner instead.  Looking for one of our top ten you can take a look on Etsy for these or Shop Our Just In Collection Now for a change of pace.

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  • Elissa S.
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