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39 Amazing Rings You Have Not Seen Before

List of 39 Amazing Jewelry Rings

Our list of 39 Amazing Rings

In our quest to find the 10 Ugliest Thanksgiving Jewelry Pieces for 2014 we actually came across some amazing other pieces of jewelry. They weren't directly related to Thanksgiving but we felt they were worth sharing. We have now compiled this list of 39 amazing rings. We have included some beautiful things but mostly they are funny or creative, and unique if nothing else. So enough of the chit-chat, lets see the goods.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 1 - Wood Carved Ring

1. The Wood Carved Ring :

Our first ring is made of five different layers of individually carved pieces of wood that are joined together to create this statement piece. You may have trouble getting your gloves on over this but a fine showing of craftsmanship in this amazing wood ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 2 - Golden Brooklyn Bridge

2. The Golden Brooklyn Bridge Ring :

Our next ring is one we believe to be the Brooklyn bridge but are not entirely sure. Regardless, this bad boy fits on two of your fingers making a serious set of Golden Bridge Knuckles (aka Brass Knuckles) that is sure to scare your enemies off.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 3 - Seven Dwarf Ring

3. The Seven Dwarf Ring:

Looking to show your love for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Look no further. This ring features all seven dwarfs. (Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey). We think we got the names correct but it looks like the number and names are up for debate.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 4 - Tree Bowl Ring

4. The Tree Bowl Ring:

This big silver tree is in the shape of a bowl and sits high atop your finger. Need a place to store your marbles? This amazing tree bowl ring is the perfect fit.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 5 - The Ring On A Hand Ring

5. The Ring On A Hand Ring:

That's quite a mouthful but the name sums it up. This beautiful ring has what appears to be a baby hand adorned with another beautiful diamond ring on the babies index finger.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 6 - The Sushi Dinner Ring

6. The Sushi Dinner Ring:

Are you stuck in a remote location and dieing for sushi? Don't fear, our next amazing ring lets you take your sushi dinner with you wherever you go. The Sushi Dinner Ring lets you take it on the go. A beautiful tuna hand roll and a nice glass of saki to wash it down.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 7 - The Royal Highness Ring

7. The Royal Highness Ring:

Our next amazing ring is fit for a queen. We can't make out exactly what it is or whether or not it has a dual purpose but clearly its regal. With a ring of this stature you can demand some respect.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 8 - Hand of Square Cube Rings

8. Hand of Cube Rings:

While we aren't so sure you can get much typing or writing done while wearing these rings, they certainly are a statement set of rings. Wear one or the set of all four of these square cube rings to stand out.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 9 - Space Invader Ring

9. Space Invader Ring:

Influenced by the original video game space invaders and more recently by one of our favorite street artists Invader!, this clean lined silver ring is a most for the video game enthusiast looking for some bling.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 10 - Ship in a Bottle Ring

10. Ship in the Bottle Ring:

Although difficult to see, this ring actually has a little ship inside the glass sphere on the top. Modeled after the traditional ship in a bottle this is a tiny space to fit all those sails.

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Amazing Jewelry Ring 11 - Screwed Wedding Rings

11. Screwed Wedding Rings:

This set of beautiful screwed wedding rings is perfect for the gear head couple. Lets hope the name isn't foreshadowing the outcome of the wedding.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 12 - Secret Shooter Gun Ring

12. The Secret Shooter Ring:

Find yourself in a bar fight or back alley and need some fire power to hold off the gang? This real gun ring offers a traditional six shot with tiny little ammunition to accompany it. Yes, this is a real gun ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 13 - Purple Cheese Ring

13. The Purple Cheese Ring:

Have you been looking for the perfect combination of cheese, jewelry, and a color pop. Look no further. This swiss cheese inspired purple ring is perfect. Make a statement on your next date with this stunner.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 14 - Rotten Teeth Rings

14. The Tooth Fairies Collection:

Have you ever wondered where the tooth fairy takes all those repulsive teeth after collecting them from underneaths childrens pillows during the night. Well this is your answer. All the teeth are collected to be made into these disgusting rings. Memorialize your molars and show everyone how proud you are of them.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 15 - Real Octopus Ring

15. The Traveling Octopus Ring:

Our next amazing ring is quite frankly one we aren't sure who would be wearing. With this beautiful formaldehyde cured octopus ring, you can show everyone your love for the ocean. Be the life of the next party with this real octopus in your ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 16 - Magnetic Ball and Chain Ring

16. The Magnetic Ball and Chain Ring:

This ring defies gravity with a ball attached to a chain suspended in the air by the force of the magnet across from it. Part experiment, part jewelry this amazing ring is our tribute to physics.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 17 - The iRing

17. The iRing:

Isn't it enough that you already have an iPhone, iPad, iMac, possible iWatch and iEverything else? No you say. No problem. Get yourself a iRing and commit to being and iAholic.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 18 - The Ear-Ring

18. Ear-Ring:

Whats that you said? I can't hear you. If only I had another ear, possibly on a ring that would be perfect. Well look no further. This beauty expands your listening skills. Truly an amazing ring. Hmm. Maybe this is actually an earring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 19 - Bear Claw Rings

19. Bear Claw Rings:

Have you ever gotten dressed up for the night and thought I really wish I could look more like a bear? Short of investing in a GrizCoat, you can throw on these cute set of bear claw rings.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 20 - Beer Lover Engagment Ring

20. The Beer Lover Engagement Ring:

Gentleman have you found the perfect woman? A woman that can throw them down? This miniature Heineken bottle cap engagement ring is the perfect option. Your wife is sure to love this amazing ring.

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Amazing Jewelry Ring 21 - Mystery Green Spaghetti Ring

21. Mystery Green Spaghetti Ring:

You must pardon our ignorance of Japanese native dishes but our next amazing ring lets you take it on the go. This beauty from a Japanese jewelry designer accentuates the leafy green mystery spaghetti dish wherever you may be. Fancy Ball or Interview? Perfect. This is the ring for you.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 22 - Blue Eggs in a Nest Ring

22. Blue Eggs In A Nest Ring:

Our next amazing ring is simple an elegant. Carry around these sweet baby blue eggs while you protect these hatch-lings at birth. Nurture them like your own with the little nest ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 23 - Expanding Telescope Ring

23. Expanding Telescope Ring:

The next time you find yourself far off at sea on a pirate ship, you will be prepared. This amazing ring actually expands to become a fully functioning telescope with a compass. Ahoy there Matey. Bring me my Telescope Ring at once.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 24 - Understated Crystal Ring

24. The Understated Crystal Ring:

Looking for a small dainty, classy, little crystal ring? This is not it. This bad boy is less of an amazing ring as it is an amazing set of knuckles. The full set of knuckles encrusted with crystals is a show stopper. Watch out.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 25 - Coffee Cup Ring

25. The Book Ring:

Feel inspired to write and concerned you won't have somewhere to jot down your notes? This little notepad ring has real pages for you to write until your hearts content or you run out of space: whichever comes first.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 26 - Coffee Cup Ring

26. The Coffee Cup Ring:

Albeit this is not the most amazing ring, coffee lovers don't mess around. Show your love for coffee with this simple but clean coffee cup ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 27 - Pouring Beer Ring

27. Pouring Beer Ring:

Much cooler than our last amazing ring is the pouring beer ring. While coffee drinkers are serious about their coffee, beer drinkers don't play. This beauty recreates the true action of pouring a cold one into a mug. A really beauty of a ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 28 - Alidra Alic Jewellery

28. Beautiful Chandelier Ring:

We aren't actually sure whether or not this is a chandelier but regardless its beautiful. This beautiful one of a kind piece is actually designed by Alidra Alic out of Copenhagen, Denmark. A beautiful and amazing ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 29 - Bear Trap Ring

29. The Bear Trap Ring:

Looking for excitement in your life. While you are adorned in amazing ring number 19, have your husband put on this bear trap ring and chase you around the house. A bizarre experiment but not much more we can say about this bear trap inspired ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 30 - The Bottle Opener Ring

30. The Bottle Opener Ring:

Don't get stuck at a tailgate party without a way to open your beer. Have your husband wear one of these handy rings and save your teeth.

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Amazing Jewelry Ring 31 - Three Bullets Ring

31. Bullets of Love Ring:

Nothing shows your love for each other like three large bullets nestled atop your ring. This amazing ring means business. It comes in silver and gold.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 32 - Jewish Wedding Castle Ring

32. Jewish Wedding Castle Ring:

The traditional jewish wedding ring of today is essentially a rock like any other but in the 10th century these traditional jewish wedding rings has castles and palaces representing a marital home amongst other things. These amazing ring lets you carry your favorite village on your hand.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 33 - Classic Ring Pop

33. The Classic Ring Pop:

Manufactured by Topps, the candy jeweled ring classic has been around since 1979. This icon or rings is one of favorites on the list of amazing jewelry rings.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 34 - Alice In Wonderland Ring

34. Alice In Wonderland Ring:

Looking to recreate the magic of Alice In Wonderland? Relive the Lewis Carroll story with Alice and the White Rabbit encapsulated forever in a glass sphere on top of your ring.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 35 - Tire Tread Ring

35. Tire Tread Ring:

Are you in racing or the tire business? Our next ring has you covered. This black tire tread ring looks like the real thing. Put a little miny tire on your mans finger and he is sure to love you forever.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 36 - Bumble Bee Cage Ring

36. The Bumble Bee Cage Ring:

Its happened to you before. You are rushing out of the house and have nowhere to put your tiny pet bumble bee. Fret no more. This amazing Bumble Bee Cage ring allows you to pop him and take him on the go. You'll never have to worry about him being left out any more.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 37 - Cookie Monster Ring

37. Cookie Monster Ring:

C is for Cookie, it's good enough for me. This amazing ring comes on top of cupcakes from a childrens party. We love Cookie Monster so much and cookies almost equally so he makes our list of amazing rings.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 38 - Fishbowl Ring

38. Fishbowl Ring:

Often in a similar predicament like our amazing jewelry ring number 36, we never want to leave pet nemo at home when we run to the supermarket. No longer. Throw nemo in some water and pop him on your ring. This fishbowl ring makes the perfect gift for a real fish lover.

Amazing Jewelry Ring 39 - Perfume Ring

39. Antique Perfume Ring:

Soak a ball of cotton in your favorite perfume and then hide it in this antique perfume ring to smell up the whole room. This amazing antique ring is made of 23k gold.

Our 39 Amazing Rings

This completes our comprehensive list of amazing jewelry rings but we want to hear more from you. Which is your favorite and why? Have you seen other rings we must know about? We want to hear. Leave a comment below and hope you enjoy the list. Love & Pieces is a curated online jewelry boutique offering fashion jewelry that you don't see everywhere. Browse our real collection of must have pieces and Rings to see more of what we have to offer.


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