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New Years Eve Jewelry

New Years Jewelry

New Years Eve Jewelry Style

The count down to New Years Eve is on, and chances are with the rush of the holiday season, you’re scrambling to find the perfect accessories to accompany the outfit you’ll be wearing to ring in the New Year. Regardless of your plans, you’ll want to look polished and party ready.  Chances are, you’ll want to match the style of the event you’re attending. Whether you’re hanging out at a friend’s small apartment party, or hitting up the clubs, finding the right New Years jewelry doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Lets take a look at three occasions you may be celebrating on New Years Eve, and look at some New Years jewelry you’ll need to be say goodbye to 2014 in style.

House Party New Years Jewelry

You’re celebrating the New Year with a small group of close friends at a party, or staying in with family. While you certainly don’t need to be dressed to the hilt, it’s still important to accessorize with fun details. In 2014, we saw a tremendous amount of bar necklaces.  They are simple but elegant and can make even the dullest outfit seem chic. This New Years Eve, add the Dafne Lucky Barre Necklace to your ensemble, and be ready to go.

Dafne Necklace New Years Jewelry

It’s 14K gold, and features a small red string detail that spices up a simple piece. It can be worn with any neckline, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try adding another longer necklace with it, like the Jenny Bird Palm Rope piece.

Date Night New Years Jewelry

Just spending the holiday with your significant other? Add romantic details to a form fitting black dress and pumps, like The Marcela Ring by Gina Cueto.

Gina Cueto Marcela Ring New Years Jewelry

This crisscross, rose gold pattern is elegant and eye catching, but can easily be paired with other rings. It will nicely accompany a wedding ring or engagement band, or check out other rings from the Love & Pieces Collection, like the Melanie Auld Pave Point Ring in gold.

Melanie Auld Pave Point Ring Gold New Years

If multiple rings isn’t your style, the Jules Smith Americana Rose Gold Choker is a timeless piece that will be a perfect match for your date night attire.

Jules Smith Americana Choker New Years Necklace

Bar or Club Scene New Years Jewelry

You’re partying into the New Year, and with the insane crowds New Years Eve brings; you’ll want to stand out. Regardless of whether you’re hitting up your favorite bar, or checking out a new nightclub, it’s New Years Eve and you don’t want to blend in. A statement necklace is always a fashionable accompaniment to any night look, so investing in a beautiful handmade Jolita necklace or cuff is a no brainer. 

Jolita Cuff For New Years Eve

Just don't let the drunk guy next to you spill his drink on them.   Want something with some spikes to keep that creep away?  Check out the Frienemy Bracelets from Doloris Petunia.

Doloris Petunia Frienemy Bracelet New Years Jewelry

These pieces will be the first thing someone notices about your outfit, and they’ll make a great impression.

So don't sweat getting ready for New Years this year.  Grab some of your favorites from the year or shop or pieces to make sure your New Years jewelry stands out this year.  Need more New Years Eve jewelry inspiration? Check out the Love & Pieces Must Have collection here.

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