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3 Best Valentines Jewelry Ideas…

best valentines jewelry ideas

3 Best Valentines Jewelry Ideas…and Ways to Get Your Sweetheart to Buy Them For You.

Cupid is gearing up and sharpening his arrows because Valentines Day is soon approaching!  Did you already come up with your Valentines jewelry ideas yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  

You need to pick out your favorite jewelry piece and begin dropping subtle hints to your boo before he goes out and buys you another vacuum cleaner or seat warmer.  If you haven’t started the process, do not fret!

Read on to learn more about Valentines jewelry ideas and ways to get your significant other to buy them for you.

valentine jewelry idea romantic necklace

1. Valentines Jewelry Idea - Romantic Interlocking Necklace

Ahhh... Valentines season is a time to celebrate love and romance.  Of all the Valentines jewelry ideas, there is nothing more romantic than the interlocking necklace.  

Click here and check out our unique Mini Interlocking Necklace by MAU.

This handmade necklace features a front clasp that is formed by two asymmetrical triangles.  The interlocking triangles can be symbolic of two souls joined together by love.  A symbol this romantic is impossible to top for Valentines Day.

Subtle Hint Idea: Ask to borrow his smartphone. Then click on the product link page above.  Simply leave the page up when you return the phone.  If he asks about page, tell him that you are really into the interlocking necklace.  Tell him about what the symbol means to you. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will!

valentines jewelry idea statement ring

2. Valentines Jewelry Idea - Statement V Ring

Want Valentines jewelry ideas that will help you remember the special occasion?  If so, look no further!

Click here and check out the Pave Deep V Ring by Melanie Auld:

This statement piece features a giant V silhouette in 18-carat gold or rose gold plated.  When you wear this ring throughout the year, the silhouette will remind you of the V in Valentines.  The ring will serve as a constant reminder of your dear Valentine.

Subtle Hint Idea:  When you and your sweetie are discussing Valentines plans, be sure to tell him how important the day means to you.  This is the perfect segue into your next point. Mention that you would love to receive a memento gift that signifies your special day together.  If he asks for examples, show him a picture of the V ring.   Voila…you just dropped a hint!

valentines jewelry idea diamond earrings

3. Valentines Jewelry Idea - Timeless Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamonds are rare, timeless, and easy on the eyes. That’s why they make the perfect gift. Some of the most exquisite diamond pieces are drop earrings.

The next time you see a pair of drop earrings, notice the way the piece moves with the wind. As it sways, observe the way the diamonds catches the light and glistens up the room. 

Click here and check out these sparkling Topaz & Diamond Drop Earrings by MeiraT:

Subtle Hint Idea:  Put on an old pair of earrings.  Only insert the ear wires half way and do not secure the earring backs.  Now get in close proximity to your boo.  Casually flip your hair by flinging your head to the side.  If done properly, your earrings will theatrically fall to the ground.  Dramatically exclaim, “Oh no!  I seemed to have DROPPED my earrings!”  As he reaches to pick them up, casually say something along the lines of, “This reminds me of something that I really had my heart set on.”  He’ll probably say something like, “Oh yeah, what is it babe?”  This is your queue to tell him about those drop earrings you love so much.  If he gets the hint, you will be wearing your favorite drop earrings in no time!

best valentines jewelry ideas

Play it cool

If you play your cards right, you have a good chance of scoring your favorite jewelry this Valentines Day. But if all else fails, and your sweetheart ends up buying you a vacuum cleaner, just remember that he is probably clueless when it comes to romance.  Don’t be too hard on the lad.  Treat yourself to your favorite jewelry and then directly coach him. Give him a list of Valentines jewelry ideas for next year. Better yet, send him the link to our Valentines gift guide:

Whatever the circumstance, remember to enjoy your precious time with your Valentine!

Celebrate Valentines Day with your kids


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