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Our Melanie Auld Interview One on One

Melanie Auld Interview

Our Featured Designer of the Month of February - Melanie Auld Interview

You named your jewelry line Melanie Auld after yourself. Can you tell us more about your background and how you decided to go with your name?

I went to school in London and took Fashion Merchandising. I have always been interested in fashion and art so jewelry was a natural progression for me. I named the line Melanie Auld because quite honestly I tend to get tired of things, haha. I was worried that I would pick a brand name that sounded cool to me then but ten years later I would despise it. Hopefully I never despise my own name ;) Also, the line is so personal to me and nothing seemed to fit better then my own name for that reason.

Have you always lived in Canada and designed there as well? Do you think that is a large influence on your work?

I haven't always lived in Canada. My husband and I moved to South Florida when we were in our early 20's, since then we have lived all over, Phoenix, Boston, Ottawa, Dallas, Montreal, Salzburg and Vancouver. He played hockey professionally so we were always on the move. The places I have lived definitely influence my design. Being exposed to so many different styles, cultures and people really play a huge roll in each and every collection I design. For instance the southern states tend to be very into colorful jewelry and I do appreciate an amazing stone! So I try to incorporate colorful semi-precious stones into my designs but in a more refined modern way so that it will also appeal to someone living in say New York. I think it's that mix and juxtaposition that draws people to our jewelry.

Melanie Auld Interview Elle Magazine

When you design pieces are you designing for yourself or for a target customer and who is that customer?

A little bit of both. I would never design a piece that I wouldn't wear, but that being said there are some pieces that are more me then others. As a designer you have to listen to your customers and what they are asking for. Social media has made that so convenient now. My customers make me very aware if they absolutely love a certain stone and then I will make sure to incorporate it into more collections. My target customer is a woman who wants jewelry that stands out but doesn't take over. Jewelry that's interesting and can be worn countless ways and really takes on the DNA of it's owner. My pieces are meant to be worn together so that our customers can create their own individual look by mixing and matching.

What hot new jewelry trends do you see coming in the near future?

Melanie Auld Interview Kyle Richards EarringsMy current favorite jewelry trend is all about the ears. I am obsessed with ear cuffs, jackets, climbers, studs and the many ways I can wear them. They just look so cool to me and I think the rest of the world agrees! With small kids and being constantly on the move they're a comfortable and easy way to look stylish without trying to hard.

Kyle Richards from Desperate Housewives wearing Melanie Auld Elongated Pave Diamond Earrings

What jewelry designers do you love or think have inspired your work?

One of my absolute favorite jewelry designers is French jeweler Aurelie Bidermann. I love her esthetic and the bohemian quality her jewelry has. Her boutiques are flawless and I think her style is impeccable. Also Cynthia Sakai from Vita Fede is so innovative in her designs, she is always pushing the envelope and I really respect that.

Lastly if you had to wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life which piece would it be and why? 

Melanie Auld Interview Double Tusk Necklace

Well except for my wedding and engagement rings my favorite piece right now is our Double Tusk Necklace! I will wear it non-stop this summer, I love that it feels very Tribal yet also has a modern spin to it with the micro pave casing. Love.


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