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  • 10 Jewelry Sites You Should Know About Besides Us
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10 Jewelry Sites You Should Know About Besides Us

10 jewelry site you should know about

10 Jewelry Sites You Should Know About

The Internet is a vast sea of information.  We understand it can be time-consuming to sift through hundreds of sites to find your favorites.  We also know that if you love Jewelry then you sometimes cheat on us and visit other Jewelry sites.  Well, now you don’t have to feel bad about it because we are pointing them out to you!  Listed below are 10 jewelry sites you should know about. They are sorted in no particular order and range from little sites to the industry big wigs.  Enjoy the browsing and we hope the Karma of sharing brings you back to us to shop our collections.

JCK Magazine Jewelry

 JCK - The core of all jewelry news and trends and the publishers of the jewelry industry standard JCK Magazine, this site is packed with interesting editorial pieces and content related to obscure jewelry lines to couture runway trends.  Don't get lost here as its packed full of information.

The Jewellery Editor

The Jewellery Editor - The next site in our 10 jewelry sites you should know about is based out of London. Co-founders Maria Doulton and Christine Pasquier travel the world to bring you specialized content about fine jewelry and watches.  This blog is very clean and professional.  The close-up imagery of the jewelry is breathtaking.  The “Hot Topics” section is chock-full of interesting stories and product information about the hottest jewelry pieces.

 National Jeweler website

National Jeweler - A treasure trove of information covering historical jewelry and one of a kind pieces.  National Jeweler covers everything from fashion trends and historical jewelry to current markets prices on stones and fine gems.  This site encompasses a vast swath of information related to the jewelry industry.

In Detail Jewelry
In Detail
- In Detail is all about spotting the newest trends.  Their website catalogs amazing photographs of everyday street trendsetters.  They also feature interviews of famous designers and share stories about people who are dedicated to creating sustainable and ethically sound jewelry practices.

Adorn London Jewelry Site

Adorn London - Adorn London showcases different kinds of jewelry that suits multiple types of styles and budgets.  This jewelry site is affiliated with Adorn Insight, a company that focuses on market intelligence and trends in the jewelry industry.  Their trend reports and designer interviews are excellent resources for all jewelry enthusiasts.  When you visit this site, be sure to visit the “Win” section of the blog where you’ll get the opportunity to win fantastic high-end jewelry.

Lovegold Jewelry

Lovegold - As its name suggests, these jewelry bloggers are very much in love with gold.  While this is one of the smaller sites of our list of 10 jewelry sites you should know about, this jewelry site features stunning photographs of gold from around the world.  Their editorials and interviews highlight a diverse group of high-fashion designers. - offers valuable resources like trends and news about jewelry.  With a glossary of jewelry terms and top engagement ring styles, the “Education” section of the blog is very helpful.  

iDazzle jewelry

iDazzle - iDazzle is popular for its jewelry trend updates, stories of great designers, and inside reporting of international jewelry shows.  The articles are informative and well written.

Circa Jewelry

Circa  - Circa is known for their collections of jewelry and watches and they purchase pre-owned exquisite pieces.  They are highly respected and understand the value of jewelry as something other than just the materials its made from.  They have a wonderful jewelry blog packed with many high-quality designer interviews and stories. 

Elle Accessories Jewelry

Elle - Elle is best known for their popular fashion & media magazine.  You might be surprised to learn they have a blog dedicated to accessories.  When you visit this site, you will run into some really interesting posts about trendy designer jewelry. They are current and qualified.  This is always a fun read.

We hope you visit all of these wonderful jewelry sites and if we are missing others that you love please let us know your favorite jewelry site in the comments below.  


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