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  • Necklace Size Chart For Women and Size Matters
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Necklace Size Chart For Women and Size Matters

Necklace Size Chart Jewelry

Looking for a Necklace Size Chart?

Ladies, when it comes to the length of your necklace, SIZE MATTERS! There are various necklace sizes for women. Choosing the right size can help you frame your face and alter the overall style of your outfit. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even stack different sizes together to create a completely new statement.

Check out the necklace size chart below to learn more:

 Necklace Size Chart


Necklace Length* Style Name Body Position Best Fit - Shape of Face
10 to 14 inches Collar Fits closely to the neck Heart-Shaped, Oval, Rectangular, Oblong
16 inches Choker, Chain, Locket, Strand Lies loosely around the neck Heart-Shaped Face, Oval
18 inches Princess Hangs at the collarbone Oval
20 inches Matinee Reaches just past the collarbone Oval
22 inches Matinee Hangs at the top of the bust Oval
24 inches Matinee Sits around the center of the bust Oval
28 to 38 inches** Opera, Lariat, Rope Drapes below the bust Round Face, Oval
40 inches and above** Opera, Lariat, Rope Extends past the navel Oval

* The length of the necklace clasp is not included in the necklace measurements. Normally, clasps are around ¾ of an inch.

**Long necklaces may be wrapped around the neck a 2-3 times to achieve a layered affect.

Shape of your Face

According to the fashion writers at eBay, you’re in luck if you have an oval-shaped face. Oval faces can graciously pull of any size necklace length.

If your face is heart-shaped, oblong, or rectangular, it’s usually best to stick with short necklaces. Short lengths can help diminish the appearance of any elongated or sharp-edged features. I suggest checking out the American Gold Choker by Jules Smith.  Its clean-cut look is suitable for almost any type of outfit.

Face Shapes Necklace Size Chart

American Gold Choker by Jules Smith

If you have a round face, it’s normally best to choose a long necklace. Long necklaces can help elongate your jaw line. The Claire Gold Moonstone Necklace by One Oak works wonders to help frame a round face.

Face Shapes Best Necklace Size

Claire Gold Moonstone Necklace by One Oak

In general, necklaces should be proportional to your height. If you’re on the short side, it’s best to stick to the collar, choker, or princess necklace. A long necklace on a short person can diminish the appearance of the person’s length. Longer necklaces usually look best on a tall body. If you’re tall, go for the long opera or lariat necklace. If you’re in the middle (somewhere at or between 5’4” to 5’7”), any length on the necklace size chart is ideal.

Experiment Using the Necklace Size Chart

Try a little experiment when you get some time. Go through your jewelry storage and pick out a handful of necklaces that you wear all the time and then compare them to the necklaces that you hardly ever wear.

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Chances are the necklaces that have been collecting dust are not the right fit for your body frame or face shape according to the necklace size chart.

Keep in mind that the necklace size chart lists general guidelines. It’s best to try out different necklace lengths and make your own final judgments about what looks best on your body. Who knows, maybe a certain necklace will defy the rules of the necklace size chart!

Layering Using the Necklace Size Chart

Layering your necklaces is a really fun way to exercise your creativity. The key to layering well is to make sure you wear about 2 to 4 necklaces in varying sizes according to the necklace size chart. For a minimalist look, I suggest that you wear 2 to 3 thin chain necklaces ranging from 10 to 18 inches. For a bold look, team 3 chunky necklaces together, one stacked just above the other. Wear 4 completely different styles and materials in various lengths to achieve a Bohemian look. For more information about layering, check out the 12 Ways to Layer Necklaces blog post at Brit + Co.

The length of your necklace can help you accentuate your style and flatter your face and body type. Layering different lengths will give your style a twist! Experiment with different lengths from the necklace size chart and find out what looks best on you.

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