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Little Lux Interview One on One

Little Lux - Gunner and Lux Interview

Our Little Lux Interview

Featured Designer of the Month of April

This month we are so excited to interview our youngest designer Riley of Little Lux.  At just 5 years old Riley is pushing the envelope with her dad John Petersen from Gunner and Lux.  They continue to design some of our favorite childrens jewelry. Their work is both unique and inspirational and Riley is setting an incredible example for all those young girls out there looking to build something for themselves.   You go Riley.

Little Lux Riley Petersen Jewelry Designer

1.  Tell us about how you started designing and making jewelry at such a young age?

I liked watching my dad make necklaces and wanted to make my own. I asked if he could help me with some of my ideas. After I made some, I sold some at my lemonade stand, and my dad took a picture of them on instagram, and some people asked where they could buy my dad asked me if I wanted to sell some of my necklaces on his website and I said YES! 


2. What is your favorite part about making and designing the jewelry?

I like working with my dad. I like coming up with new ideas. I like seeing the instagram pictures of kids wearing the necklaces from all over the place.  

Childrens Line Jewelry Gunner and Lux

3.  When you are not designing and making jewelry what are your 3 other favorite things to do?

I like to play board games, I love to read, I like to do math

4.  How do you balance being in Kindergarten and having a jewelry company?

By working on necklaces with my dad after school, he really helps out, and making sure that I focus on the creative parts. School always come first. Oh, and I always write Thank You notes.

5.  You really seem to have your own sense of style, where are your favorite places to shop?

J.Crew, Madewell, Anthropolgie (I love their door knobs so much!)

Little Lux Childrens Jewelry

6. Do you have a collection of anything? 

I have a rock collection and a matchbox toy car collection

7. Last, what do you think you want to do when you grow up?

I want to be a doctor mom.

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