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All New Teeth Jewelry Line

Teeth Jewelry for Children

Its Teeth Jewelry Time

As our business continues to grow we are excited to announce some special news. As you know, we strive to continually source new and different designers. At Love & Pieces we always want to make sure that we are pushing the fashion envelope.   We are excited to announce that Love & Pieces is starting our own line of Childrens Teeth Jewelry.

What better way to show your edge and your commitment to your family? This is not just any run of the mill line of Teeth Jewelry. This is exquisite attention to detail. Show your family pride and adorn yourself with their teeth. Custom pieces will be available in earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Spring Collection Teeth Jewelry for Children

We have a team of designers that have been working on various pieces of unique Teeth Jewelry. We couldn't wait another minute to share this news with you. Below are some of our official Spring Collection of Love & Pieces Childrens Teeth Jewelry.

Aprils fool Teeth Jewelry Teeth Necklace Jewelry Earring Necklace Children Tooth Jewelry Teeth Illustration Jewelry Childrens Teeth Jewelry

We Want Your Childrens Teeth

Because we have already seen unprecedented demand for our Childrens Teeth Jewelry we are calling on you for help. We are in need of any teeth that you may have. If your child has just lost their tooth, what better way to give back. Have their teeth set in a beautiful piece of jewelry for others to enjoy.

Let us be the tooth fairy. We are looking for any and all teeth. Below is a detailed breakdown of our pricing chart and what we are willing to pay for your childrens teeth. We need your support to keep our Childrens Teeth Jewelry selling. Without their teeth, we can’t continue to make these one of a kind pieces.


Price (If too yellow a $5 bleaching fee will be deducted)

Childrens Front (under 10 years old)


Childrens Side Tooth (under 10 years old)


Childrens Molars (under 16)


Adult Front Tooth


Adult Side Tooth


Adult Molars



Adult Pet Teeth Jewelry

Adult and Pet Teeth Jewelry

As a result of the widespread interest in our teeth jewelry line, we will also be launching an adult and pet line of teeth jewelry later in the year. Did your pet just pass away? Why not save a tooth and make a beautiful broach. Having your wisdom teeth removed? Send us your teeth and let us purchase them for someone else to love or make your own piece.

Work with one of our certified teethologists along with a designer to make the perfect teeth jewelry for any occasion. As always, all our purchases are wrapped at no additional cost and shipping is free in the US when you spend more than $100.

April Fools

If you have made it this far and you are still captivated by our teeth jewelry, we have to commend you. Quite frankly we can’t think of anything ickier than this. Hope you enjoyed our April Fools Day Post and please share our beautiful Teeth Jewelry.

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