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5 Different Styles of Necklaces for Women

5 Different Styles of Necklace for Women

Need a style boost? Look no further than our statement necklaces to give flair to any outfit. A spectacular necklace makes a strong statement. Here’s our guide on various styles of necklaces for women so you can choose one that flatters you and turns the heads of those look at you:

5 Different Necklaces for Women

Choker Necklace for Women

1. Choker

The name might suggest something out of “fifty shades of gray,” but the 90’s fad of chokers has made a striking comeback.  Chokers are making appearances on the red carpet this season. Choker necklaces for women weave snuggly around the neck. These sleek or bold goodies in silver or gold provide a luxe touch to your look. Pair them with a strapless evening dress to flaunt your décolletage or simply throw them in with a pair of jeans and tee shirt for an instant dose of hotness.

Here’s our pick of chokers that are a favorite this season:

Jules Smith Joyiia Ettika Choker Necklace for Women Bib Necklaces for Women

2. Bib Necklaces

Yes, it does seem like we are taking style inspiration from tots now, but these bedazzling baubles are the beacon of hope for even the most bland of outfits. A bib necklace comprises of layers on layers of bling and beads that drape down in a cascading effect near your collar bone, providing a “sizzle effect.”

To give justice to bib necklaces, keep your neckline as simple as you can or better still; rock these necklaces with a strapless dress or one that frames the outline.

Here is our favorite new bib necklaces at Love & Pieces

Jenny Bird Bib Necklace for Women Multi Layered Chain Necklace for Women

3. Multi Layered Chain Necklace

When it comes to necklaces for women, multi layered chain necklaces are the ultimate funk factory. Chunky necklaces that incorporate overlapping layers, provide a gorgeous collar effect. As an alternative you can simply sport a minimalistic look with plain ol’ chains.

If you love accessorizing, layered chain necklaces with or without pendants, charms or coins, is your thing. They should always be worn with plain or dull outfits to glam them up. Check out these awesome chained necklaces that we have in store for you:

Multi Layered Chain Necklace for Women Styles Pendant Necklaces for Women

4. Pendant Necklaces

For the love of collar bones! High on our hotness scale, the pendants dangle down from delicate chains. These can be layered with diamonds, precious stones or even pretty metallic charms. Whether small or bold the pendant style necklace is timeless.

From Petite trinkets to arresting statement makers, pendant necklaces can bring the “oomph factor” to almost any outfit. Take a look at these beautiful pendant necklaces that we have picked out for you:

Pendant Necklaces for Women Tassel Necklace for Women

5. Tassel Necklace

Tassels are the hottest word in town and we are obsessing over them right now. Pair them up with any outfit this summer and sport the bohemian style worthy of a Coachella weekend. Keep the tassel off center or in the middle depending on your top and how bold you feel.

For a fantabulous punch, pair up your tassel necklace with a patterned top to add dimension to it. Check out these tassel necklaces for women that promise bursts of color:

Tassel Coachella Necklace for Women


Peruse our entire necklace collection and treat yourself to something today!


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