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How to Clean Jewelry with Our Secret Weapon

How To Clean Jewelry With Our Secret Weapon


When you purchase the right jewelry for yourself or your loved one, it sparkles like their glimmering eyes.  But what happens after that? Overtime, it begins to slowly lose its shine. Don’t let this happen to your jewelry.  Use our secret weapon to keep it clean. Here’s how:

How to Clean Jewelry

The daily assault of living takes a toll on our precious jewelry. How to clean jewelry is every fashionista’s dilemma!  Fortunately our secret little weapon has come to the rescue.  

Simple Shine Jewelry Cleaners

Keep your diamonds dazzling, your gemstones glittering and your pearls picture perfect.

There is radiance in every woman that just needs to be polished to shine through.  Now wherever you go, take your cleaners with you and sparkle up.

As much as we talk about jewelry with longevity, keeping it pristine rarely occurs. Some pieces of jewelry carry precious memories. To preserve those memories, your bling requires care.

No matter how affordable or expensive the jewelry may be, you need to keep it clean.  So the next time you have a special occasion, pull out your Simple Shine and shine up your jewels.  

With our secret weapons, your jewelry will never lose its shine again.  Have a friend with some funky jewelry?  Share this post or our 8 Tricks to Cleaning Your Jewelry and maybe they will get the hint.

  • Elissa S.
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