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Crystal Healing Jewelry In All Its Glory

Crystal Healing Jewelry in all its Glory

Crystal Healing Jewelry

Do you have a lucky necklace? What if you had a piece of jewelry that gave off a positive energy and had added benefits for your spirituality and physical well-being? That’s the concept behind crystal healing jewelry.

Crystal healing is based on the belief that certain stones and crystals have special powers. Although there’s not scientific proof of these claims, there is a lot of evidence in history. Maybe there’s more that meets the eye when it comes to certain gems.

Todays Crystal Healing Jewelry

Recently, crystal healing jewelry has become pretty mainstream, however it’s not anything new. Many jewelry brands such as Alex and Ani bangles play on the concept of energy. Jewelry such as this is widely available at alternative venues such as music festival vendors. Since the beginning, gemstones have been adorned and attributed with special attributes.

Crystal healing is a technique where crystals such as Quartz are rubbed on the body. You may’ve heard the term “chakras” in yoga class, this uses the concept that the matching places in the body hold energy grids.

Crystal Chakra Healing Jewelry

Is It All Hype?

Crystal Healing Jewelry Trend

It may be nothing more than a placebo, but crystal healing has been widely used in many cultures such as Hawaiian islanders and the Chinese. And jewelry of course has also been around for ages.


History of Crystal Healing Jewelry

Stones have almost always been worn as talismans and amulets and been associated with various values in religion and culture, mostly made of natural materials. Ivory beads from 60,000 years ago were discovered in a grave in Russia. Amber amulets were also found from as early as 30,000 years ago. Jewelry is definitely in our blood!

Ancient Egyptians used gemstones in their crystal healing jewelry for protection such as emerald and turquoise.

Egypt Crystal Emerald Turquoise Healing

During the Renaissance, along with herbs, crystals were used for healing powers. It was believed that if a sinner held the gems, they would lose their worth.

Jade has been commonly seen as a healing stone. It was portrayed as a kidney healer in South America, China, Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

Stones such as rubies have religious significance as well. To Buddhists, the ruby helps the wearer’s mental and physical health.

In the early 19th century experiments on ‘clairvoyant’ individuals suggested that different physical and psychological changes occurred when certain stones came into contact with an individual.

Many Native American tribes value gemstones, especially turquoise, which is supposed to provide strength in many parts of the world.

‘Crystal’ means ice in Greek. ‘Amethyst’ means ‘not drunken’, and was used by the ancient Greeks to cure hangovers. Greek soldiers would also wear different amulets, which were said to protect them at sea.

During the New Age in the 1980s crystals were brought back as a healing method. Crystal therapy is a very modern subject, widely written about and even taught in some colleges.

Some Crystal Healing Jewelry You Can Love

One brand of crystal healing jewelry, Energy Muse, states, “Energy Muse Jewelry’s soul mission is to empower people and help them tap into their own personal magnificence. We provide empowering tools, in the form of crystals and crystal jewelry, to assist you on your spiritual journey.”

Best Crystal Healing Jewelry

Love & Pieces offers necklaces from the brand Crave Salt which feature gems such as Amethyst and Quartz. The Amethyst Silver Charm Necklace is a beautiful protective piece. “Enjoy all of the healing and calming properties of the Amethyst. This necklace features a grayish amethyst electroplated in sterling silver. Let the powerful, protective qualities of Amethyst hang from your neck.”

If gold is more your color, another stylish crystal healing necklace available here on Love & Pieces is the Druzy Quartz Gold Necklace. “The qualities of the Druzy Quartz are said to dissipate negativity, doubt and worry while bringing harmony and joy.  This natural stone lets you enjoy  these qualities while still looking fashionable.” The sparkling black pendant will make any outfit pop while reminding you to stay positive.

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