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6 Jewelry Cleaning Secrets Jewelry Stores Don't Want You To Know

Jewelry Cleaning Secrets Blog Post

You don't have to feel like your jewelry isn't good any more when it gets a little dirty.

LOOK: Jewelry stores rather you buy something new, but most pieces are timeless. A good wash and a shine, and most pieces can look like new.

Drum roll please..

Here are 6 jewelry cleaning secrets that jewelry stores rather you didn't know. I use all these secrets myself and especially love number 3 and 4. (Don't cheat and look ahead.)


The Jewelry Cleaning Secrets

first trick to cleaning your jewelry

Good Old Dish Detergent : Cleaning gold jewelry is actually best done with some simple dish soap. Take a few drops of standard dish detergent and empty them into a bowl of warm water.

Hot water can be dangerous to precious stones. Soak the jewelry for about 15 minutes. Pull them out and scrub them with a toothbrush.

jewelry cleaning secret 2

Kick It Up a Notch With Club Soda : For your gold jewelry you may need something more powerful. If the warm water solution doesn't work, use simple dish cleaning detergent.

If that doesn't work use club soda for an extra kick. Make sure to use a pasta strainer or at least close the sink when cleaning your jewelry.

jewelry cleaning secret 3

MY SECRET WEAPONS : My new favorite is the Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry cleaning solution which we sell here and is available on Amazon Here .  This product is hands down the best jewelry cleaner I have used.  

But wait...

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jewelry cleaning secret 4

What? You Said Tin Foil? : Clean your silver jewelry in a small bowl and fill it with about an inch of hot water. Stir a tablespoon of salt into the water until it dissolves. Take a small piece about of aluminum foil (4 inches by 4 inches).

You will make 4 tiny strips about 4 x 1 inches long. Submerge the strips to the bottom of the bowl. Place your silver jewelry in the solution for approximately 5 minutes. Once you remove the silver jewelry from the solution, rinse it under cold water. Gently rub with a cloth to dry. Repeat the process 2 or 3 times as necessary.

jewelry cleaning secret 5

No Ammonia Please : Real pearls and pearl variations shouldn't be cleaned in the same way. Real pearls are actually delicate. They should be cleaned lightly with a soft lint free cloth. Clean them after every wearing, before putting them away.

Synthetic pearls should be cleaned with a mild soap formula. Don't include any ammonia or harsh detergents. Ideally ivory flakes or another mild soap. Do not hang pearls dry as the strand can stretch

Pearl Jewelry Cleaning Secret.

jewelry cleaning secret 6

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz : For your diamonds, take a glass and fill it up about half way. Place your ring at the bottom of the cup and then drop in an Alka-Seltzer. After a couple of minutes you should be left with a sparkling diamond. You can also set your ring in a tiny cap of Windex overnight.

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