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Gina Cueto Interview One on One

Gina Cueto Interview

Our Gina Cueto Interview 

Featured Designer of the Month of May

1. Your jewelry line is named after yourself Gina Cueto, can you give us some background and how started your jewelry line?

Since I was a little girl I have been passionate about jewelry and fashion. I was often found going through my mother's jewelry collection and remaking her necklaces and earrings.

I studied Fashion Design in Caracas, Venezuela, and then I moved to Baltimore, Maryland where I studied sculpture, drawing, and jewelry. Later on, I moved to Miami, where I finally decided to create my own jewelry collection made of silver and semi precious stones.

I have always been interested in fashion and art, so jewelry was a natural progression for me, and the right method to express myself. I choose to use my name Gina Cueto for my jewelry line because it made sense to me to offer a little bit of myself, my personality and style, in each design.

2. Tell us about living in Miami and how this has influenced your design and work?

Gina Cueto Interview Marcella RingI have lived in different cities. The places I have lived as well as the places I have traveled to definitely have influenced my design. Being exposed to so many different styles, cultures and people really plays a huge role in each and every collection I envision.  Every piece of jewelry I create is in turn fashioned by emotions of these places: the language, the colors, the climate, the scent…

3. Take us through you design process when you are creating new pieces?

I collect ideas, I make folders with inspiring forms from nature, colors, stones, pictures of jewelry trends, then I start putting together those ideas... and each piece is born.

4. Who would you say your customer is?

I think that the women who purchase my jewelry are stylish, feminine, timeless and modern.

5. What hot new jewelry trends do you see coming in the near future?

Ivory Diary Blogger Gina Cueto InterviewLayering is here to stay. Not only in necklaces but also in rings with lots of small, slim styles. Ear Climbers are also a big trend for 2015, I particularly love them for their modern and funky aesthetic.

6. Living in Miami tell us your top three must do’s for people visiting here on vacation?

My favorite spots are of course the beach, Wynwood and the Design District. Miami Beach is a great tourist spot not only for its beaches but also for The Art Deco Historic District and Lincoln Road Mall which is replete with shops, restaurants, and galleries. 

Gina Cueto Jewelry Designer Interview Wynwood

Wynwood, is considered as the new Hipster neighborhood, art and fashion are major elements of Wynwood, as well as restaurants, cafés, and lounges. I particularly love Panther Coffee. In The Design District you can find art galleries, designer stores, antiques dealers, restaurants and bars. It is almost like a smaller version of New York's fifth avenue..

7. Last, if you had to wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of you life which piece would it be and why?

Well, except for my wedding and engagement rings that I never take off, it is very hard to decide because I have a few favorites. I love rings, so I would have to choose the newest addition to our collection, The Lennox Ring, it is bold and delicate at the same time, and with no doubt a statement piece.

Gina Cueto Lennox Ring Silver

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