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Gina Nigrelli of Jules Smith Interview One on One

Jules Smith Gina Nigrelli

Our Interview with Gina Nigrelli from Jules Smith

Featured Designer of the Month of August

This week we sit with Gina Nigrelli of Jules Smith to learn more about her and the incredibly successful fashion jewelry brand she has built.  Gina designs with inspiration from 60s post-modern to 70s and 80s boho and glam.  From Rihanna to Kendall Jenner, Ginas pieces have been seen all over the world.  Her pieces are affordable and on-trend continuing to push fashion jewelry in new directions.  

Gina your Jewelry company is called Jules Smith, can you give us some background on the name and how you got started in the jewelry business?

Gina NigrelliI started making jewelry in the Caribbean. I was a fashion editor for a shopping site based in Chicago and I was ready for a change. There are so many jewelry stores and cool boutiques with local jewelers that I became inspired. A really great friend of mine (the jules in jules smith) taught me how to solder and carve and the rest is history. (my married last name is smith) - thus jules smith

What do you find to be the most exciting part of the design process, is there anything you really don't enjoy about the design process?

The most exciting part of the design process for me is merchandising all the original ideas into looks and editing final pieces into smaller groups. What I really don’t enjoy though is adding in all of the specific measurements for each detail of each piece and getting down to the logistics of how they are produced, it’s a much more complicated process than people imagine.

What designers do you love and look to for design inspiration?

I’m having an Isabel Marant moment (like everyone else) :) I love how she plays with shapes and textures.

Describe your customer in 3 words…

The Jules Smith girl is feminine, boho, and glam.

Jules Smith Fashion Jewelry by Gina Nigrelli

What do you think is the best new jewelry trend that we are going to be seeing in the near future?

I think ear cuffs and jackets are going strong, but I think that body chains are about to start getting more creative & wearable for everyone. Anklets are also making a comeback!

What do you love to do when you are not working?

I am never not working, I’m a mother of two!

Since we know you are on Instagram, who are your 3 favorite Instagrammers currently?

Top 3 favorite Instagrammers (not necessarily in order): theacademy, aninebing, highsnobiety

Gina Nigrelli Jules Smith Interview

Lastly, what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own and why?

My favorite piece of jewelry I own is a vintage gold rolo chain bracelet my grandmother gave to me. I wear it everyday.

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