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Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Fall Fashion Trends

Our Fall Fashion Trends 2015 Report!

Welcome to cool, crisp air, s’mores, football, Halloween, and leaves changing colors season. It is coming into Fall! This is also the time of year to look forward to new Fall fashion trends.

Each season comes and goes in fashion, but nothing is more anticipated than the new Autumn looks. Finding what can work well with what is already in our closets is a great way to stay up to date in fashion. Let’s take a look at new Fall fashion trends for clothes, jewelry, and make-up.

Fall fashion trends that walked down designers runways included snappy skirts, carwash pleats, extra-large bling, extra pointed collars, hosiery, lady loafers, black boots, and the color brown, only to  name a few. Fall clothing is layered and some even adds a modern take on Victorian era looks. It is going to be a beautiful Fall season!

Victorian Style Fall Fashion Trends
Black Militar Boots Fall Fashion Trends

Brocade, fur, sequins, lace, futuristic looks, leather and pockets are what Fall fashion trends are meant to be this season. 

Futuristic Fall Fashion Trends

Skirts and More Skirts

Lovely carwash pleated skirts covered the runways this Fall.  The carwash pleat skirts is a fashionista must-have this season. This single piece of clothing can update a wardrobe easily. It is a skirt with pleats that flows wonderfully when walking. This will be a fashion trend that will stay once others are gone. This is the new way to look at pleats.

Pair a carwash pleat skirt with an extra pointy collar blouse and be the ‘it’ fashion lady in any office or outing.

Pleat Skirt and Pointy Collar Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Hemlines on skirts are going back to right below the knee along with a beautiful flounce skirt. Fall fashion Cuffs on coats, jackets and sleeves, mainly fur, are going to be a trend that will keep you warm in the crisp air of Fall.  

Cuffs Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Get Serious and Old School

Taking a page out of the 1950’s, the glove is back. Wearing them throughout the Fall and all Winter will keep a fashion statement like no other. It will also keep hands warm in the crisp and cool air of Fall.

Gloves Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Cropped sweaters with shirts underneath is a great way to add the layering trend this Fall.  Suits with pants are back, particularly in the color of gray. High wasted slacks and skirts have been spotted on runways and is another Fall fashion trend to look forward too.

Cropped Sweaters Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Let’s Talk Shoes

After all shoes are awesome! Shoes this season will spotlight hosiery and tights. The lady loafer is easier on the feet and will make the office statement of sophistication to take on the world. The little black ankle boot will be great for date nights. These shoes are meant to highlight a plethora of solid and printed hosiery and tights that have hit the Fall runway. Hosiery is a great way to update a wardrobe this Fall.

Shoes Fall Fashion Trends 2015

There is a Fall fashion trend of fur, from coats to stoles to footwear to cuffs. Fur will be and can be seen all over Fall fashion trends. This fur is real and faux. That is what makes it wonderful that you can see both. 

Fur Faux Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Ponchos and cape style, sporty and dressy are making their Fall fashion rounds again this season.

Sporting Poncho Fall Fashion Trends 2015

A skinny scarf and bling, extra-large bling was seen on Fall runways. A skinny scarf is a great accent to most Fall fashion trends this season.

Everyone should invest in a lovely extra-large jewelry piece. A necklace that makes a statement or earrings that capture the loving life attitude will be great to add to Fall wardrobes.

Jewelry Fall Fashion Trends 2015

The surprise of this Fall is the glasses—yes, glasses are back ladies. Get your librarian look on with a variety of looks hitting the Fall runways this season.

Glasses Nerd Fall Fashion Trends 2015

A neck choker style of dickey is an accessory that can be added to wardrobes. These are great ways to accessorize your wardrobe for the on-coming cool weather.

Choker Necklaces Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Make-up and Hair

It is great to have choices rather than just one look all across the runways. Sleek and sophisticated seems to be the message. A nice bob, a sleek back ponytail, bangs and braids have been spotted. The cat eye, a red lip, soft nude or pink lip, and blush continues to be the way that beauty is going into Fall. This will be a beautiful season!

 The colors gray, black and brown have been all over the runways of Mui Mui, Chanel, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney. This will be great to add to Fall wardrobes easily. This Fall the fashion trends are actually wearable like our Amber Sceats Collection.

Amber Sceats Earring Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Some of these trends will be able to carry on into Fall after Fall. This is great news for all fashionistas!  What do you think about these Fall Fashion Trends for 2015?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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