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Jewellery or Jewelry and What’s Wrong or Right?

Is Jewellery or Jewelry right?

Jewellery or Jewelry, which way is correct? In a strange and interesting way they both are. This is due to geography and local differences. Ever wonder where words come from? Are you curious about what is wrong or right when you see Jewellery or Jewelry? The origin of both these words come from the word Jewel. Let’s take a look at the geography of Jewelry and Jewellery.

Jewellery British Word is Right

Is Jewellery Right?

Jewellery comes from the word Jewel. Jewellery, spelled in this way, is mainly used in Australia and the United Kingdom. The word Jewellery is also often seen in Canada although both versions are used there as well. But why is this so, and how did it become? Jewel is the root word and anglicized from the French word Jouel.

Similar to many other words, when converted from other languages, the spelling differed across different countries. You can see similar words like “favourite” or “finalise” or “practicing” from our interview with Amber Sceats from Australia. All of these words actually have different spellings in the US compared to Australia and the UK. So in summary, Jewellery is the correct spelling in the United Kingdom, Australia, and parts of Canada.

Jewelry American Word is Right

Is Jewelry Right?

Jewelry is the American spelling of the same word. There is no difference in definition or meaning. This refers to items worn including rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Jewelry is something that can make us feel good, receiving or buying it. Remember the first earrings you purchased or the first ring you received—that feeling of joy?

So if you are living in the US, yes, the word Jewelry is right. The definition of the word Jewellery is “objects that are worn for personal adornment…” Another definition of Jewellery is “the art or business of a jeweler”.

Whether spelled as Jewelry or Jewellery they are interchangeable with one another.

You say Potato, I say Potato, lets call the whole thing off.

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