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Collete Bakalarz Feldman and Michelle Finvarb Possin from By Lilla Interview

 By Lilla Featured Designer

Our Interview with Collete Bakalarz Feldman and Michelle Finvarb Possin from by Lilla

Featured Designer of the Month of January

This month we are really excited to feature one of our best selling new lines.  There creative line offers and incredible combination of fashion forward jewelry design with the function and utility of hair ties that we use daily.  We started carrying By Lilla over the Holidays and we have had trouble keeping it in stock since.  Learn more about their incredible bracelet/hair tie and the designers behind them.   

We are obsessed with the By Lilla Concept, can you give a little background on the company and how you got started?

Like most of you, we’ve long had to choose between not having a hair tie handy when we need it, and the fashion fail of having an ugly black elastic adorn our wrist at all times. In 2009, we decided to stop complaining and take matters into our own hands.

What inspires you in your designs as well as your personal styles?

Inspiration is everywhere. We love social media, instagram, art. Art Basel in Miami is a must for us.

art basel jewelry designer


The Golden Mammoth from Damien Hirst at Art Basel 2016 at the Faena House on Miami Beach


Describe The By Lilla Customer in 3 words?

Fashionable, Savvy, Awesome

What has been the most frustrating and rewarding experience for you since starting By Lilla?

The most frustrating is Murphy's law "whatever can go wrong will go wrong". The most rewarding There is always Ying to the Yang.


When you are not working, what can we find you both doing?

Spending time with our families.

Being from Miami I happen to be biased but what would you say is the best part of living in Miami for you?

Sunny skies all year long.

fashion jewelry site

What are your top must do's for anyone visiting Miami?

Art Basel, The Beach and Wynwood

Tell us your top three Instagramers you are currently following and why?

Anhcotran from Ramirez tran salon has amazing haircuts and color trends. Streetartnews: Very cool art, inspiration from up and coming artists. Heymamaco- Amazing entrepreneurial Moms around the world.

by lilla hair ties instagram accounts

Last, what is both of your's favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

Michelle: "My Sophia Vari ring, which i got for my Birthday and Love".

Colette: "My grandmother gave me a pendant when I turned 25 that my grandfather had given her…It means the world to me"

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