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Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Do Magnetic Bracelets Works?


A bracelet that has health benefits? Magnetic bracelets have been in the market for quite a long time now. Mixed opinions have been raised about the benefits of these magnetic bracelets. Want to know more before you decide if you believe in the effects of these bracelets?  Lets take a look.

What is a Magnetic Bracelet?

The magnetic bracelet, from the name itself, is simple jewelry that contains magnets. The magnetic bracelet comes in various styles from simple magnetic cuffs to more elaborately designed jewelry pieces. (some even comes with gems and pearls).

what are the acclaimed benefits of wearing magnetic bracelets


What Are The Claimed Health Benefits of Wearing A Magnetic Bracelets?

Behind the health benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelets is the theory of magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is an alternative health treatment that has been popular and used for thousand of years. The idea behind the therapy is quite simple. By placing a magnet on a certain area of the body, it produces a calming effect on the tissues and muscles.  This is due to increased blood flow. This helps the body to be in the best condition and environment for healing.

The said health benefits are as follows:

  • It helps transfer and deliver nutrients to the body
  • It helps remove toxins from the body
  • It helps reduce inflammation
  • It helps heal and improve damaged nervous tissue and bones (due to migration of calcium ions)
  • It helps promote quality sleep (due to the influence of magnets to the production of hormone called melatonin)
  • It helps the body to produce more endorphins (a hormone that is also known as a natural painkillers)
It's important to understand these are the claims.  Many people say that the health benefits of magnetic bracelets still lack enough scientific evidences. Some say many of these benefits are placebo effects.

    Today, magnetic therapy is said to be a booming business. It is not only in jewelry, that magnetic therapy is being applied. Magnetic mattress pads, pillows and tons of other products are also being produced.

    should i use magnetic bracelets


    To Use or Not To Use Magnetic Bracelets?

    Since it has been used since the Ancient times, a lot of people believe in the health benefits of the magnetic bracelet. Some people claim its been used to diagnose certain diseases and even treat chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

    It is really up to you whether you use magnetic bracelet not only as an accessory, but also for it’s health benefits as well. Magnetic therapy in general will not harm anyone as long as it is used as a complementary method, rather than an alternative method, to improve health.

    People who are undergoing radiological treatments, are scheduled for MRI scans, or have cardiac pacemakers, should avoid using this types of bracelets. It is always best to consult a doctor before using any kind of alternative treatment.

    Conclusion on Magnetic Bracelets

    Whether you believe in them or not, the trend is clearly here to stay.  Its a booming business and people swear by the power and benefits of Magnetic Bracelets.  

    If you are not ready to wear magnetic bracelets, worry not, because there are still a lot of beautiful bracelets that you can wear that we offer.

    Check out these equally stylish bracelets that will surely look fabulous on you. Happy shopping!

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