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The Most Wanted Woman Jewelry Thief

the most wanted women jewelry thief

There is an undeniable connection between a woman and jewelry. But who would have thought that a woman is capable of robbing a jewelry store in plain daylight? By that, we mean 6 jewelry stores?

The Story

According to the FBI, the culprit responsible for six robberies in jewelry stores in the southeast had been taken into custody. The culprit, Abigail Lee Kemp, 24, and another suspect had been taken to Smyrna, Georgia.

Federal authorities also announced that Kemp had been arrested and is being detained due to the charges being filed against her. As she is suspected for the number of robberies, the punishment for her crime is heavy.

The federal agency also stated that within hours of issuing a press release regarding the assistance in finding the culprit for the six robberies, the FBI had received a number of credible leads coming from the public.

abigail lee kemp

The FBI has not released the details of the arrest and the name of the other suspect, as they had cited that they are still continuing their investigation. Kemp, on the other hand, is to appear in Atlanta federal court this Monday.

Abigail Kemp’s mother, Connie Kemp, had reportedly hung up on a phone call from INSIDE EDITION. Sources had said that her statement before hanging up was, “No comment and do not call this number again.”

Abigail Kemp is currently suspected of robbing jewelers in five different states since April 29 and her heists have been estimated to be $4 million. Surveillance cameras which had captured her in the act, had shown that she usually walked right into jewelry stores without a mask and care free. She was reported to have pulled out a gun and sometimes even tying employees when robbing the stores.

She usually wears gloves during her heists and is suspected of having an accomplice who was looking out for her.  

abigail lee kemp jewelry thief

Before she was apprehended, her last heist had been in Mebane, North Carolina, where she had robbed a Jared Jewelers store.

We know that diamonds are a womans best friend, but this woman definitely went overboard. Luckily, we don’t need to rob a jewelry store to fill up our lust for all things pretty. Hop over to most wanted pieces to find your new favorite accessory! Happy shopping!

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