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  • 10 Different Diamond Cuts
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10 Different Diamond Cuts

10 different types of diamond cuts

Diamonds are more popularly known as a “girl’s best friend”. They are extremely elegant and last forever. That’s why many women have made it their dream to acquire one if not more to make part of their timeless jewelry collection. The word “diamond” came from a Greek word that means “indestructible” and it is the hardest substance known to man. Diamonds are typically priced per carat.

10 different diamond cuts

Most buyers consider several things when purchasing a diamond, such as the carat, clarity and color. One important thing to consider when buying a diamond is the cut. A diamond’s cut pertains to its symmetry and proportion. A diamond’s beauty depends on the cut. Many people use this as their main criteria when purchasing a diamond. If you are planning to purchase a diamond ring for your engagement or diamond studded earrings for your wedding anniversary, here are the most popular cuts available in the market.

10 different cuts of diamonds

The round cut diamond is the most popular cut since 1919. Roughly 75% of all diamonds sold are of this variety. Round diamonds usually costs 25-35% more than other cuts because of two reasons; One, the demand is very high and two, the yield is very low. This means that a lot of the stone has to be removed to make this shape.  Due to its proportion and symmetry, they utilize the reflection of light equally, thus giving out its maximum brightness.

The princess cut diamond was first created in 1980 and is the most popular fancy cut available. It is usually used for engagement rings and works with any style of rings, making it a popular choice. It’s a bit less expensive than round diamonds because a princess cut diamond can be made with a half of a whole diamond.

Cushion cut diamonds are a square cut with rounded corners. It has been around for 200 years and is popular for people who prefer the classic look. Refinements in the cutting process have recently made this cut more popular.

Emerald cut diamonds are most probably the most unique cut available. Only 3% of diamonds in the world are emerald cut. They have a very vintage and distinct look. It has a very subtle sparkle and it has a tendency to look larger due to the nature of its cut. This is known as the hall of mirrors effect. The cut creates flashes of light that contrasts the dark planes of the cut. Emerald cut diamonds costs 15-25% less than round cut diamonds.

The Asscher cut diamond is very similar to the emerald cut. It was created back in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers, hence the name. Asscher cut diamonds were very popular back in the 1920’s, that’s why they are mostly seen in antique shops. Recently, they have made modifications with the Asscher cut that gave it more brilliance, making this cut more popular.

Radiant cut diamonds were more popular back in the 1980’s. It is a bridge between the princess cut and the cushion cut. It is a square cut diamond with brilliant-cut surface pattern, which makes it really beautiful. It has a very modern look, combining the brilliance of round diamonds and the elegance of emerald cut diamonds, making really popular nowadays.

Oval diamonds were first created back in the 1960’s. It is a brilliant cut diamond, like round diamonds, but it gives the illusion of a larger size. It has the same brilliance with the round diamond, making this popular with those who want a more unique look. The shape also gives the wearer the illusion of more slender fingers.

Marquise diamonds are very distinct due its football-shaped appearance. It was created for King Louis XIV, who wanted a stone carved into the shape of what he described as “the perfect mouth”. It has a elongated shape, maximizing the entire surface of the diamond and tends to give off the illusion of greater size.

The pear diamond is a combination of the round and marquise cut diamond. It has a conical point on one end and gives the wearer the illusion of elongated fingers. It typically possesses a very good symmetry, but most can only appreciate its beauty in larger sizes.

Heart cut diamonds are obviously made to represent love. It's a modified brilliant-cut diamond and is popular for pendants and rings. To fully appreciate the design, the diamond should be more than .50 carats.

So, those are the most popular diamond cuts. When choosing a diamond, make sure to know what you really like. Do you prefer the vintage look? Or the more brilliant type? But, above all the criteria stated, what’s really important when buying a diamond is the memory. Despite the particular diamond cut you choose, they are forever so make sure you love it. 

Tired of dreaming of diamonds and the different diamond cuts?  Want something a little more reasonable?  Shop your fashion jewelry now. 

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