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How To Take Care of Your Fine Jewelry Pieces

How to take care of your fine jewelry pieces

Everyone has invested or plans to invest in a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. It can be a diamond ring or a sapphire necklace. Whatever it is, it's bound to be beautiful. So, it's only logical that people should take extra care of their pieces. But, how do you exactly do that? How does one take care of their fine jewelry? Let's go through some simple tips.

Store Them In a Sturdy Box with a Soft Interior

How to take care of your fine jewelry pieces

The most important thing to keep your jewelry safe is to place them in a strong container or jewelry box.  This protects your jewelry from accidental damage from day to day storage. Make sure that the insides of the container have a very soft, gentle lining. This prevents scratching and further damage. You choose one with a velvet inner lining to make it look more elegant. If you choose to use a jewelry box without a liner, wrap each piece of jewelry in tissue paper

Clean Them After Use

No, don't wash them with any old cleaner.  Abrasive cleaners can damage your jewelry. You may want to read our detailed post with 6 jewelry cleaning tips that jewelers don't want you to know.

Store Necklace on a Hook

Necklaces are just like headphones. They get tangled up for no reason at all. You can prevent this by placing your necklaces on a hook to keep them from getting tangled with each other. If your necklace is made of precious stone, separate them from others...  Don't hang your pearls though as they may stretch.  They should be stored laying down.

Separate Diamonds and Other Precious Stones from Each Other

Diamonds are known to be the hardest mineral on the planet. It has a score of 10 in the Moh Hardness Scale, which means it's very tough. It can cut through glass and other diamonds, which is why you need to separate them from each other and from other ruby ring might not damage your diamond earring, but your diamond earring can damage your ruby ring. Same is true with other precious stones. Minerals can damage each other and other minerals below their hardness scale. So, keep them separated. It's for their own good.

Be Careful With Pearls

Pearls are nature's wonderful gifts. They are probably the only stone in the planet that shines without any need for polishing or additional treatment. But, since it's a product of nature, it tends to be a bit fragile. Avoid throwing it casually on the table after use because it can cause damage to the delicate surface of the pearl. Also, avoid letting perfumes and make-up touch the pearl. Wear your pearls after doing your makeup to avoid damage.

Take Extra Care of Your Silver

Silvers are particularly sensitive when it comes to temperature and humidity. It can easily get tarnished if not taken cared of. Make sure to cover them properly with a piece of cotton cloth or a polishing cloth. Never use tissue paper. It can cause scratches.  You should take a look at our silver cleaning options here.

Keep Them Safe!

How to take care of your fine jewelry pieces

Keep your jewelry safe, especially if you have quite a collection. Place them in a safe or keep them well-hidden. Better yet, avoid wearing too much jewelry when going out.

These are just some of the tips you can do to keep your fine jewelry in mint condition. Sure, it's a lot of work, but in the end, it's all worth it to look beautiful.

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